My Ignorant Pastors! Shut Up or Wake Up.

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I am certain that you have equally wondered and pondered on why the silence of the larger global community as they stay glued to yet unconcerned on happenings of illegal arrestings and expelling of Africans in Israel who justifably refused to accept bribes to be deported to Rwanda for no rational reason.

It is even more hard to bear that the African Union and its member states are completely tight lipped over the regime`s barbaric abuse and forceful deportation of African asylum seekers in what is a globally unprecedented modern day state sponsored racist operation targeting blacks.

Their shameful actions is evidence of bare racism and a complete disregard for human life as well as the lives of blacks, Muslims and Christians living in that part of the world is concerned.

A similar fate which is continously meted out to the indegenous Palestinians whose lands have been forcibly occupied by these invading Israeli government with impunity as the global powers cowardly and hypocrtitically looks on.

But my pain also lies in the fact that, with all of these ongoing evil against Blacks and people of the non Jewish faith, we have some Ghanaian Chritians leaders organizing press conferences to warn people who dare speak against this same Israeli regime which has vowed never to respect the dignity of Africans and Palestinians altogether.

Instead of speaking against the racist brutalities against our people who are in dire need of our support, here goes our birdbrain Pastors, fully supporting and sharing in the crimes of a racist and bully regime despite a decorous condemnation by Israeli Christians and Muslim leaders including other Israeli Human Rights agencies against these uncivilized racism.

Infact there are times when you feel the presence of certain class of people in this world alone will never gurantee a harmonious society ever, at least with their existence and what they stand for.

And indeed there are times when you are guided by the hope that, it is only the right education that can dispel the age long depths of ignorance held on by our people, atleast this alone also gives us hope that someday our pastors and other religious leaders who have taken it upon themselves to remain ignorant in support of crimes elsewhere will see the light of  and need to promote and champion peace and not taking sides even the evil they are supporting is in plain light. Until them, dear ignorant pastors, its either you shut up, or you wake up for a just cause!

Blind religious bigotry must end!



From time to time, the bigotry exhibited by some of Ghana`s  extremist politicians amazes us to the core. But be rest assured that they will always face backlash from people like us, we are a thinking and reasonable people, we are capable of reading between the lines, make no mistake, which is why we choose to jaw-jaw than to war-war.
Abronye DC of the New Patriotic Party and his likes should be cautioned to exercise maturity when speaking on public issues. At his age, we expect that he should at least be able to express himself in a proper manner devoid of sensationalism and overly exaggerations.
Because, to intentionally and falsely label the whole Brong Ahafo Chief Imam Alhaji Umar Abdul Kadir in an alleged corruption scandal which he has absolutely no knowledge of is not just evil but an Insult to the entire Muslim community that he leads.
A corrupt allegation involving the former District Chief Executive over his expenditure during his tenure in office has nothing at all to do with this innocent Chief Imam , and this is an established fact which cannot be gainsayed.

Yet, for a polictical communicator whose party just resumed office to play this mischief is beyond reason, if not to intentionally disrespect the Muslims of that region through misinforming the masses is defarmation of character, a hate crime on its own.
It is in the right other for the Muslims in the region to demand the reasons behind these lies and for that loose of a talker to provide his evidences if any against the Chief Imam of the region or be severely sanctioned, a challenge he has since been unable to provide.

These calculated attempts by these extemist politicians who only survivce on playing mischief to the pleasantry of  their political heads will only tear us apart. Which is why to prevent these, appropriate and severe sanctions should be meted out to those who are seen to be sowing seeds of division among the good people of our society.

The leadership of the New Patriotic Party should note that, to allow the likes of Abronye to loosely speak on their behalf is to ferment trouble and the consequences awaits.


The three Zongo Communities under the leadership of Sarikin Alhaji Abdulai Awudu I yesterday celebrated the Damba festival for the year 2017.

This year`s celebration coincided with the 3years anniversary since the Zongo Chief was crowned to the throne. There were invited guests of high status in Ghana from across the many regions of the country, some coming from as far as the Northern region to join in this year`s celebration.



PHOTO: Some of the participants with organizers and leaders of GMEF.

In a recent of series of fora across Ghana, The Ghana Monitoring & Evaluation Forum (GMEF), a Network of over 40 Professionals engaged in the promotion and the use of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) in policy planning and program implementation called on the youth to show more interest in the study and practice of M&E.

This was held at the University of Ghana Graduate Business School-Legon under the theme “YOUTH PARTICIPATION IN M&E: TRENDS, PROSPECTS AND CHALLENGES”.

GMEF’s objectives are to share insights and experiences in M&E, support continued M&E education, promote evidence-based decision-making, establish a national M&E repository and to become the National M&E evaluator.

Speaking at the event, Mrs. Dede Bedu-Addo the National Co-ordinator of GMEF stressed on the importance of M&E and how it contributes to sustainable development whiles expressing worry as to how many of the youth have acquired the capacity to become an M&E professional.

On advising the youth, Mrs. Dede Bedu-Addo said M&E is a career which is of need in almost every industry and organization that exists in Ghana, from MDA`s/MMDA`s Planning and Monitoring Departments, Research Departments and Institutions, CSO`s/NGO`sS among others.

She urged the youth to take up the challenge of shifting from their ‘comfort’ zones to take up the feat of pursuing courses in M&E in addition to their field of study which would enable industries and organizations absorb them.

Other speakers spoke on the numerous organizations which are in constant need of M&E professionals urged the youth to take advantage of the thousands of advertisements for M&E professionals in our dailies indicating that M&E is a critical area of development which is fast becoming a very important and highly sought after profession to be ignored by the youth.


Sultan Nuhu Mohammed.

Accra, 21st-October-2017


The other day,  there was a heated discussion on the Radio but one of the panelists was so firm on his point that the #Postal services was irrelevant to this age of the internet.

I laughed in my head and wondered why anyone would hold this view. But just as the saying goes, “opinions are like noses,  everyone has one”. Despite this,  I think he was entirely wrong with that assertion that the postal services are irrelevant.

He failed to realise that despite the huge importance of the internet to communication, it has only come to compliment the postal services, helped to broaden the scope and medium of communication.

To refresh your memory a bit, in the 1920s, when Radio was first introduced into the world ( later in the 1950s Radio broadcast began in Ghana) people held the view that it has come to dislocate the print media services.

Similar views were also raised concerning the advent of Television,  that the end of Radio as a medium of communication was to die off slowly because Television seemed almighty.

Now we observe that  both views did not hold water. In fact Radio came to compliment the Print media, the same way Television came to help champion the distribution of information to the general public.
The role of the postal services is as relevant even today as the internet is.

Perhaps you  do not often purchase their services, so does it mean it is an irrelevant services provider?

Absolutely no.

In most cases we must not be overly emotional especially when it comes to  expressing some of these views. Over exaggerating and generalisation is not fun at all.

We have been using the postal services for quite some time now and thousands of people across Ghana use their services.

It is not a useless service neither is it dead,  it is very active and useful because it is where I receive and send letters and parcels from and to people overseas.

Opinions are like noses indeed!

#Ghanapost #GhanapostalService #PostalService #CommunityOneTema


The National Council of Zongo Chiefs yesterday launched its Ga West District chapter, first of its kind during a grand durbar organised at Amasaman, the district capital of the Ga-West Municipality.


Distinguished Zongo Chiefs of the Ga West Council of Zongo Chiefs

Dignitaries present at the event included the Mufti of Ghana, His Eminence the National Chief Imam, Doctour Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, Turkish Ambassador to Ghana-HE Nesrin Bayazit, the honourable Minister for Inner City & Zongo Development-Boniface Abubakar Saddique, the honourable Member of Parliament for the Trobu constituency who also doubles as the Deputy Majority Chief Whip in Parliament-Moses Anim, National President of the council of Zongo Chiefs- Sheikh Abdul Kadir Tahir, among other dignitaries graced the occasioned.

It was named “The Ga West Council of Zongo Chiefs”, which by their constitution includes all Chiefs who represent the Zongo communities within the Ga west District of the Greater Accra Region. The mandate of the National Council of Zongo Chiefs as narrated by its PRO Alhaji Chief Moro Babangida spelt that it is a non-partisan organisation established with the motive of championing the welfare of the Zongo communities.

He stated that, prime among their visions is to act as an arbitration body to quickly resolve impasse among the Zongos, to establish sustainable youth empowerment programmes, women empowerment schemes and to tackle sanitation challenges faced the Zongos.

Chairman of the Ga-West Council of Zongo Chiefs, Chief Alhaji Hamidu Bukari detailed of some the accomplishments of their young organisation.


Chief Alhaji Hamidu Bukare-Chairman of The Ga-West Council of Zongo Chiefs

  1. Peaceful resolution of some chieftancy impasse within the Ga-West district.
  2. Acquisition of an ultra-modern palace for their council meetings.
  3. A 4 acre land to be used as cemetery for Muslims within the Ga-West district among others.

He appealed to both the Member of Parliament and the Minister for Inner City & Zongo development to continue supporting them in their effort to make the Zongos a better place.

The Minister in his speech commended the Chiefs and people of the Ga-West district for their exemplary role in the development of Ghana.


Hon. Moses Anim on behalf of the Chiefs and people of Ga-West thanked the Turkish government for their unceasing support to the Ghanaian government and the Muslim community. He appealed to the Ambassador for more of thse benevolent acts on behalf of the Muslim community in Ghana.

1st October, 2017

Amasaman (Ga-West)

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed.