The Plight Of The People In The Hands Of The Electricity Company Of Ghana -Nsawam District

The Plight of The People In The Hands Of The Electricity Company Of Ghana -Nsawam District
Dear Ghana, our elected leaders, On behalf of the good people of  Pokuase and Amasaman (GA-West) townships and surrounding localities, we beg in demand of answers, to know the reasons why such collective punishments are being placed on us. From Pokuase, Abensu, Afiaman through to Mayera and its surrounding towns we are pleading hand in hand for quick and pragmatic measures to what we see as collective punishments on us.
With the issue of electricity supply we express the deepest displeasure over the continuous and constant interruption in power supply particularly in our area Abensu, which has resulted in slow pace of development, especially with regards to education in the community.
It became imperative for our schools to quickly emulate schools in advanced cities and countries if they were to remain relevant.
 In confronting this challenge, our schools first established ICT centres with computer and internet facilities. Their strategic purpose was to serve, among other things, for educating our students on the uses and relevance of ICT, as nerve centre for collating and preserving student and staff databases and other relevant researches by students on their assignments.
But the growth of ICTs on these campuses has been stalled by insufficient electricity supplied by Power Holding Company of Ghana, a state monopoly. Our schools as we all know are unable to resort to diesel-driven generators, which are highly expensive to run, moreover it is proven to be unhealthy for our environment especially its adverse effects on the student and the entire population due to its pollution as well as very expensive to maintain for institutions with limited resources, forcing them to declare as useless its ICT centres.
To describe the power situation in my locality for the sake of my readers it seems somehow almost impossible, however most irritating is during the peak hours of the day where business transactions and teaching is at its peak that is when the Electricity Company of Ghana the Nsawam Districts decides to strike.
During the evening hours in-between 7pm and 9pm there are always series of blackouts for more than 5 times repeatedly, it’s just on and off, on and off, on and off and on and off it goes. you can imagine how embarrassing that is, not ceasing, the power temporarily comes to stay for less than half an hour then off again until 2am the next day. This has been the case for almost a month now.
We have embarked on numerous attempts in speaking with the ECG- Nsawam District and all promises made by them to solve the problem have proved fatal.
We are pleading with the government to come to our aid from this shockingly incongruous and repulsively ugly unfriendly behavior exhibited by the E.C.G of the Nsawam District to the good citizens of Pokuase Abensu and its Environs of the GA-West Municipality. We humbly call on people in authority to personally come to our aid since all efforts by the youth and other high ranking members within our communities have proved useless.
Please have it in mind how these unfortunate incidences are affecting the way and life of these communities. Private classes and other remedial schools are forced to close at 6pm affecting education negatively in the district, internet café operators, cold store operators, salon and barbering shops which are providing employment for the youth, welding and Iron fabricators are all closing down due to these unfortunate occurrences.
The most unforgiving part is that whiles the very rich neighboring resident, the (A.C.P Estate) is constantly enjoying electricity regardless of the weather conditions we the people of the above mentioned towns are being trampled upon with impunity.
We are therefore appealing to the leaders who are mandated by the constitution of the republic of Ghana to see to it that the Nsawam District of the Electricity Company of Ghana listens to our appeal and upon that pressured to find pragmatic solutions to these problems. We urge our leaders to have our plight in mind and kindly come to our aid.
Until then we are highly assured that once our plight is before you quick and pragmatic solutions will be reached within the shortest possible time.
Thank you. Long Live Our Motherland Ghana. From
 Sultan Nuhu Mohammed a concerned citizen.
(Resident: Pokuase Abensu- GA-West Municipality).

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