Dear all, I Am happy to inform you on behalf of the executives of Nzema Youth Association that we have done exactly what we promised. At the premises of tv3 today the 14th of March, 2012 at 12:42pm we made history. In the name of Nzema Youth Association , we have donated an amount of GHC410 to the management of tv3 on the behalf of Auderey Akuba Nyamekeh. “We sincerely thank you, and we thank all members of the Nzema Youth Association for this good gesture in support towards her operation.May God Bless you all.” these were the warm appreciation message from the management of tv3. We thank you all.

Nzema Youth Association Donates towards Little Audrey Akuba Nyamekeh`s Surgery. Donation was received by the management of tv3 at Accra on 14th March, 2012 on behalf of Audrey Akuba Nyamekeh towards her hole-in-heart surgery. The presentation was done on behalf of the Association by Mr. Nuhu Mohammed the Public relations officer and the Vice president Mr. Anyimah Ofoli Kanrah attended by the parent(mother) of Audrey Akuba Nyamekeh.

The Executives and members of the Nzema Youth Association wishes to convey sincere thanks for your very generous contribution to our Appeal for fund for the toddler Audrey Nyamekeh, a hole-in-heart patient who is to undergo series of operations.
Your contribution will not go unrecognized and will receive public recognition.
In appreciating for your support, we will display your name as a donor on the necessary medium.
Meanwhile, we will keep you updated on the Childs’ welfare.
We wish The Almighty God will reward you generously with material and spiritual gifts; it is also our prayers that God Almighty will always keep you under His protection and care.

Again, we thank you for your continuing support to this worthy cause.


Ghanas` Mills Meets Obama of USA

Ghanas` Mills Meets Obama of USA



The President of the IMF, Christine Lagarde recently praised Pres. Mills saying, “We are extremely satisfied that very good progress is being made in Ghana.”

My advice is don’t believe the hype. When the IMF praises Ghana or African nations, Ghanaians must wake up to note that we are in more trouble.

Why? Because the IMF’s interest is proven to be counter to Ghana/Africa’s interest.

Did they not also praise the Kufour’s NPP regime, about the exact date, prior to the election that led them to a 2nd term in power?

Traditionally the most neo-colonial governments in the industrially developing world, have benefited from insincere praises from the IMF/World Bank. This happens especially when their governments further succumb to the control/hegemony of western capitalism.

Ask your self the question. Has Ghana really done that well by selling off its gold, oil, cocoa, diamond and key industries to the west? Has it really?

This seeming sycophantic support by the IMF/World Bank is routine – tactical. It is part of their exploitative economic strategy. When they do so, it serves as a double-barrel, support-warning mechanism. The unvocalised hidden text is:

“Look Pres. Mills, you and us perfectly know that the NDC are currently weakened by the Woyome and other overpayment scandals. But we will nominally trade support to your regime, for your continued industrial/commodity export divestiture and cooperation. Ensure that you turn a blind eye to our further economic control of your economy. We will reciprocate this with a further oxygen of publicity to your regime quid-pro-quo. But, of course you know that we know…I think we understand ourselves. Be a good boy…Tara”!!

Ask your self the question. Has Ghana really done that well by selling off its gold, oil, cocoa, diamond and key industries to the west? Has it really?


kofi Naako