I was On tv3 Ghana for humanity


14 Mar

from: Sultan Nuhu Mohammed (facebook)
Dear all, I Am happy to inform you on behalf of the executives of Nzema Youth Association that we have done exactly what we promised. At the premises of tv3 today the 14th of March, 2012 at 12:42pm we made history. In the name of Nzema Youth Association , we have donated an amount of GHC410 to the management of tv3 on the behalf of Auderey Akuba Nyamekeh. “We sincerely thank you, and we thank all members of the Nzema Youth Association for this good gesture in support towards her operation.May God Bless you all.” these were the warm appreciation message from the management of tv3. We thank you all.

This is how Tv3 Carried the News:
Nzema Youth Donates 410 Cedis Towards Surgery
Source: TV3 News | Date:16/03/2012

CedisThe Nzema Youth Association has donated four hundred and ten Ghana cedis towards the surgery of Audrey Nyameke.

Audrey needs an amount of 8400 US dollars for her hole in heart surgery.

The Public Relations Officer of the Nzema Youth Association, Nuhu Mohammed presented the cash for the surgery.

Nuhu Mohammed, said, the association was touched by the plight of Audrey Nyameke.

Broadcast journalist Davida Quaye received the donation and thanked them on behalf of TV3. 


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