There is a "Forgotten Ghana"

Drawing your attention to this post on facebook by an Aspiring Presidential Candidate for the PPP in Ghana (Progressive People’s Party) Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom during his campaign tour in the Northern Region of Ghana.

 This was his post minutes before these pictures. 
“There is a “Forgotten Ghana”. This became clearer to me as we made our way from Yendi to Wulensi this past Tuesday morning. We saw children seeking refuge under a big tree during a heavy downpour of rain because they were getting too wet in the “classroom”! We saw many village schools closed with the children hanging about – no teachers. The “road” from Yendi to Bimbilla cannot pass for one. Treacherous and dangerous. Opposite the Chief’s palace in Wulensi was a hand-written sign – “No road, no by-election”. All the roads in the constituency are in a terrible shape. Able bodied men and women have no jobs. This is the scene in many, many areas of the country. That is why we must focus on the many areas in the country that form part of “Forgotten Ghana”. We must find solutions that will liberate these people from poverty, preventable diseases, poor quality education and unemployment. This challenge has made me want to work harder for PPP to win. PKN

I have no comment for now !!


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