Ramadan Kareem to All Muslims Worldwide

Mdnuhu and friends sends its message of solidarity to Ghanaian Muslims in particular and all Muslims in general. We congratulate all living souls in this great country who witness this memorable spiritual season.
We remind both the leaders and the citizenry of the essence of fasting as stated in the Holy Qur’an 2:183.
Ramadan Fast is one of the five pillars of Islam, It teaches Muslims to practice Piety, Self-Discipline, Self-Control, Sacrifice, Tolerance, Justice, Fairness and Empathy for the less fortunate in society.
We sincerely wish our fellow Muslims, Ramadan Mubarak as we begin this sacred month long fast.
It is our hope prayers that we would use this great period of fasting to promote the virtues of Peace, Forgiveness, Tolerance, Togetherness, Fellow feeling and Generosity in our homes, communities and the country at large.
We also urge ourselves as Muslims to use this Unique Month of Spiritual engagement to pray for the Peace, Unity and Progress for Ourselves, Our Religion and Our Nation, during and after this period.
Also, we call on ourselves to use this period of Forgiveness to pray for our departed souls as well as pray to Allah to rain his healing powers on those who need Health Redemption, Financial Redemption, Peace and Tranquility within our homes and communities.
On behalf of the Muslim community, again we call on the government of Ghana and its Security agencies to as a matter of urgency do their best in curbing the daily attacks on Muslims and the Zongo communities in the Volta region under the direct orders of the Gbi traditional council as well as issue a firm and strong tone of advice to the the Gbi Traditional Council to refrain from setting conditions for the Muslim community there which we recognize as provocations with disastrous consequences.
Above all we wish to express our sincere recognition and gratitude to the security forces on the grounds for the good efforts in bringing peace to the area once again.
Again we are calling on the International Community & other organizations to end its silence on the brutal massacre of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar which has been taking place for decades in the province of Arakan.
Muslims have been victims of discrimination and human rights violations in Burma more than 1,000 Rohingya Muslims living in Myanmar had been killed and more than 90,000 were left homeless since the start violence started a modern day ethnic cleansing.
We strongly urge the International Community to voice its opposition to this ethnic cleansing and hopefully ensure that lives can be saved and dignity restored for the Rohingya.
Aside all politics and legalities, this is a matter of basic human rights that we all share, and cannot ignore.
We are for the just and humane treatment of all people in this universe. We will rise up against any form of oppression involving Muslims or non-Muslims alike. That is a commitment we should all adhere to as human beings.
During this month, we urge all our Muslim brothers and sisters to dedicate special prayers for peace and harmony in our country during this election period and afterwards.
We implore all Ghanaians especially our Politicians, Traditional Rulers and Religious Leaders to shun utterances and activities that would jeopardize national cohesion and integration.
We wish the Muslim community safety and security, Journey Mercies and all of Allah’s Blessings during this Holy month of Ramadan.
Ramadhan Kareem and Saum Maqbul !!

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