Foreign Illegal Miners and Their Threat to the Nation Ghana

 The Okyehene, Osagyefo Amoatia Ofori Panyin has taken on law enforcement agencies for failing to arrest and prosecute foreigners and other locals engaged in illegal mining in the country.

He criticized state agencies for looking on while illegal miners steal the country’s mineral resources and also evade taxes.

The Moderator of the Presbyterian church of Ghana, Rt. Rev Professor Emmanuel Martey had expressed similar concerns with a sharp criticism of the police.

The Okyehene was speaking at the launch of the Eastern regional Policy Fair.

“The law says that anybody who wants to engage in mining go Mineral Commission and get a license.

“The land says the land may belong to a chief; the farm may belong to a cocoa farmer but the ore underneath the ground, the president holds that in trust for the people.

So if somebody uses the excavator in broad day and stealing something that belongs to central government the national security, Minerals Commission, EPA, Forest Commission the police, security agencies should in plain language arrest the person who is stealing from the people of Ghana,” he said.
In recent days in a certain mining community, the residents decided to go on demonstration against the destruction of their water bodies. 
 Residents of Nsianain the Amansie West District of the Ashanti Region who were aggrieved about the operation of the illegal miners, whose activities have destroyed the town’s only source of water from River Subin, as well as destroyed their vast farm lands, confronted the miners who opened fire at them. 
Chinese illegal miners wielding guns during the confrontation with the locals

The Chinese miners, speaking to the leaders of the demonstrators, gave several warning shots at the indigenes and boastly fully told the crowd that “Your Police Commander is in our pocket. So go report us to them, if you will”. 

A number of traditional authorities as well as local and national politicians are all selling concessions to the Chinese, Koreans and Philipinos. Are we then surprised that these people have been emboldened to continue with their destructive activities? We live in a country where National Security operatives are used to brutalizing Ghanaian illegal miners. When foreigners come and commit the same crime, our security apparatus pretend they don’t know what is going on! Lord have mercy!
That is the greatest challenge to our survival as indigene of this great Nation. If you analyze this clearly these foreigners who have engaged themselves in these heinous Galamsey operations with most Poisonous chemicals polluting our water bodies, and destructing the terrain of our lands as well as killing the natural nutrients in our lands which survives our crops, are to be apportioned 30% of the blame, 15% to the indigenes and 55% to our leaders and the law enforcing agencies. 

As for me I will always maintain my stand that Our Weak Minded Political Heads, brainwashed Religious and Traditional Leaders I believe are posing the real threat to the Sovereignty of our nation. May God Save GH.


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