BREAKING NEWS: Swarm of Bees Invade Bawku Municipality

A massive swarm of killer bees has attacked the entire township of Bawku.
The bees, which seem to have orderly battalions, are attacking citizens throughout the township.
It is like a fire storm attack, seeing how people were running to safety. Running to get
Inside their rooms only to be welcomed again by these battalions of Warrior
Bees especially for those who had their door or window open.
Many are getting stung and are being rushed to the Bawku hospital. So far Casualties are still sketchy yet Animals such as Dogs, sheep, goats and thousands of cows are at the mercy of these terrorizing macho bees.
The bee attack is the first of its kind to the Municipality which has forced many to desert the town for fear of their life.
Already the municipality has become notorious for persistent ethnic conflicts. Communal conflict between the Kusasis and Mamprusis in Bawku is having severe effect on the finances of the Bawku Municipal Assembly, as government has relegated the maintenance of the security forces, who are on the grounds for peace-keeping purposes.
I will keep you informed on further developments with regards to the bee attacks.
 Sultan Nuhu

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