Don’t force Muslim students into Christian worship – Prez Mahama

President John Mahama has expressed worry about the practice in some senior high schools where Muslims students are forced to observe the Christian faith, saying the practice infringes on the right to freedom of worship as enshrined in the constitution.

Addressing Moslems at the Independence Square in Accra to mark the Eid-ul-Adha, President Mahama directed the Education Minister to ensure that the practice is stopped immediately.

The President also called for special prayers for former Vice President Aliu Mahama who is reportedly on admission at a hospital.


Barka-da-sallah from sultan mdnuhu to all Muslims worldwide

Today, the Muslim community worldwide is celebrating the festival of Eid el Kabir in commemoration of the life of Prophet Ibrahim who willingly offered to sacrifice his only son Ismail, in fulfillment of a pledge he made to Allah. By his readiness to act without prompting, the prophet demonstrated the significance of honesty of purpose, and of redeeming pledges solemnly made to fellow human beings.
That indeed is the spirit of Eid el Kabir, and it has endured through the ages to this day. Muslims of whatever tribe and nationality are united in this spirit, and strive to emulate the noble virtue of obedience and piety.
As we mark the eid el Kabir leadership should ponder the challenges confronting citizens and how to proffer solutions to burning issues of the day: security of lives and property, food security and personal liberty, illiteracy and diseases. It is unfortunate that the vast majority suffer today because those entrusted with leadership have failed to live up to expectation.
This is an opportune time to change course and begin to lead by example. As we Ghanaians approach the countdown to the next general elections just two months to go, we plead for peace during and after the elections at the same time our politicians should not forget the pledges they make for improving the lives of the electorate as soon as they are voted into power. More than anything else, they should shun violence.
Those already in positions of authority need to do more by way of delivering on promises made to justify their mandate, thereby emulating the example set by Prophet Ibrahim.
Our Muslim community should use this occasion to pray for those who are presently at the pilgrimage to the Holy Land to return home to their families safely.
It has always been said but let me reiterate that we need to move together in the light of the spirit of Allah if we are to save our world from intolerance, disrespect, violence injustice and greed. And it is only through a constant association with the Nuur(light) of Allah that we can achieve this.
In celebrating this holy occasion I am always reminded of the good teachings and inspirations of Walliullah Imam Alhaji Nuhu, the great scholar and founder of the Islamic Community of Kamgbunli. May The Peace and Blessings of Allah Be Upon him. Taqabbala Allahu minna wa minkum.
(May Allah accept from us and from you).
“Kul ‘am wa enta bi-khair (May every year find you in good health)
Wishing you all Eid-ul- Mubarak
E: Embrace with open heart
I: Inspire with impressive attitude,
D: Distribute pleasure to all.
Eid Mubarak!!

Are we practicing democracy or demagoguery?

Are we practicing democracy or demagoguery? Our democracy is being heckled, vilified and trampled upon by the powers that be.
 Our political leaders have not only acted as vampires, punching holes in the minds of the electorate to accomplish and advance their own vision of parochialism, they have also failed to deliver on their promises.
Development has been static, improvement in the lives of the people pathetic and general governance has been horrific.
Gov’t should be driven by empathy, and care for its people, a clear quality conspicuously missing in most of the gov’ts we’ve witnessed.
President Kagame and his Rwanda are touted by reports as the new rising economy on the continent of Africa. He and members of his gov’t have vowed to rid the country of corruption, starting with themselves.
 I would want to disbelieve that our international reputation is taking a non stop nose-diving trend.
We sat in the same classroom with Malaysia and South Korea and only God knows how many times Ghana got repeated. Let’s get our acts together and move the country forward, for geez, it’s been 55years since….hmmm.
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By: Frank K. Armah aka Wuruwo




This discourse on poverty is self-explanatory:

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed
“In Africa when poverty knocks at your door and you say there is no seat left for him, he quickly tells you not to worry because he has brought his own seat.”

Frank K Armah
Absolutely Sultan! and it will forever remain with us if we fail to redefine ourselves and institute robust structures and strategies in our socio-economic and political endeavours.

Sultan Nuhu Mohammed
That`s very true my senior brother, yet the direction in which our politicians are traveling us with is on such a disastrous line ! We indeed need a ‘revolution’ to regain our consciousness as sane people, people with dignity, people who are indeed capable of utilizing their own resources to satisfy their own needs without intervention.

Our Bob Marley made it clear that ‘ in the abundance of water the fool is thirsty’ Now I know whom he was speaking to. We Africa indeed stand out clear to be the people he addressed without apology.
Very unfortunate. Too much corruption from top to down !! Politics is not for us yet we strive for it and guess the consequences, Ruin and utter Poverty.

Kofi Nyaako
I agree, but our leaders could have, at least, constructed some park benches just in case poverty visits. I mean they should nationalise our key export commodities and industries, to amass the necessary funds to launch an ambitious 10-15 year science and technology-led Development and Modernisation Programme (DMP). This will create the necessary wealth to see poverty off to the gates of the village!!



Two items in Ghana jewel case retrieved

Norwegian police have published the photos and names of two people suspected of involvement in the theft of crown jewels owned by a Ghanian leader at an Oslo hotel, and say at least two stolen items have been retrieved.

The crown jewels belonged to Ashanti King Otumfuo Osei Tutu II and were stolen last week when he was attending a conference in the Norwegian capital.

The two suspects, a man and woman, were believed to be from Central America or South America, Gunnar Thorsen of the organised crime unit of the Oslo police said.

“We are trying to establish their identities,” Thorsen told dpa, noting that the woman used two names.

A third male suspect also from the same region was arrested on Tuesday by Swedish border police at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. He was expected to be extradited to Norway on Sunday, Thorsen said.

Thorsen said four gold items have been retrieved in connection with the Swedish arrest and police were “100 per cent certain that two of the objects belonged to the king.”

Some of the stolen items had been in the king’s family for 13 generations and were considered invaluable, Thorsen said.

Police leads include hotel security camera footage showing a man leaving the lobby of the hotel with a suitcase believed to contain the jewels, and a car rented in Sweden.

Police have posted photos of the suspects and missing items on the photo sharing site Flickr. 
From: The Australian News          Published On: October 19, 2012, 20:38 GMT
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Ghana ‘horror’ in mental hospital

Patients in a mental health institution in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, are left without clothes and some complain about a lack of food, the BBC’s Focus on Africa TV programme has discovered.
We gained exclusive access to one of the institutions listed in a Human Rights Watch report released earlier this week, which drew attention to the horrific conditions in three care homes in Ghana. 
The report described patients going without food, being kept behind bars, and subjected to degrading physical treatment.
Focus on Africa’s correspondent in Ghana, Akwesi Sarpong, sent this report. You may find some of the images disturbing.

UT Bank boss has won the 2012 Ghana’s Most Respected CEO

UT Bank has been awarded the Most Respected Company for the year 2012, at the Ghana’s Most Respected Company and CEO Awards held on Saturday.

UT Bank’s CEO, Prince Kofi Amoabeng, was also adjudged the Most Respected CEO for 2012 based on a survey in which CEOs were requested to choose the companies and CEOs they most respected and assign reasons for their choices. The highest nominee for each of these two categories was presented with the Most Respected Company and Most Respected CEO awards.

The bank was in the category of equally competent companies such as Unilever Ghana Ltd, Databank Group, Guinness Ghana Breweries Group, Multimedia Broadcasting Limited, Nestlé Ghana Limited, Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana Limited, Airtel and Ecobank Ghana.

The awards programme which was held under the theme “Growing the leadership and talent pipeline” was jointly organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers and Business and Financial Times to reward excellence in corporate Ghana.

Speaking to Citi Business News after the awards, Mr. Amoabeng underscored the importance of having “people centered operational activities.”

He said: “It’s all about the people we serve. I thought the awards were becoming monotonous, but if according to peer review, we top all, then we welcome this award.”

The Ghana’s Most Respected Company and CEO Awards is a biennial opinion survey conducted amongst CEOs of various organizations in Ghana. The objective of this year’s awards is to crystallize how industry has grown leadership and talent over the years.

Below is a full list of the award winners.

1st – UT Bank
2ND – Kasapreko
3rd – RLG
4th – Databank
5th – Vodafone
6th – Scancom Ltd
6th – Multimedia Group
7th – Ashesi University
8th – Nestle Ghana Limited
9th – Zoomlion Ghana Limited
10TH – Ecobank Ghana

MOST RESPECTED CEOs FOR 2012 1ST – Prince Kofi Amoabeng – UT BANK
2ND – Roland Agambire – RLG
3RD – Martyn Mensah – KASAPREKO
5TH – Josephn Agyepong – ZOOMLION
6TH – Kwesi Twum – Multimedia
7th – Dzigbordi Dosso – ALLURE AFRICA
8TH – Ken Ofofi Atta – DATABANK
9TH – Edward Effah – FIDELITY BANK
10TH – Michael Ikpoki – MTN

via Lorrencia Adam/Citifmonline