Recycled Bag Initiative Launched

Ghana School Bag Launched
The Kokrobitey Institute (KI) has commenced activities to solicit the support of companies and institutions to purchase its recycled school bags for children in deprived communities under the Ghana School Bag (GSB) Initiative.
Designed and built by Renée Neblett, Founder and Director of KI, the stylishly designed bags are made from recycled products like used advertising flexi, inner tubes, upholstery scraps, PVC pipes, cow horn, scrap African print fabric and aluminum beverage cans.
In an interview with CITY & BUSINESS GUIDE after the launch, Ms Neblett said “our goal is to bring the private sector into this initiative and motivate them to purchase these bags for as many deprived school children in Ghana as possible.
“My aim is to symbolically have Ghanaian children use a recycled bag made in Ghana while helping to keep the country green.”
She stated that the GSB is a programme that is also based on the principles of education and training, recycling and waste management, job creation and social entrepreneurship.
Its goals are to educate Ghanaians about environmental sustainability, provide jobs for unskilled young people and provide recycled school bags to children.
Ms Neblett thanked corporate bodies that have supported the programme since its inception in 2007.
“We have several companies supporting us, like Zoomlion who have provided us with recycling bins, which we have placed at vantage places in Accra, where people can drop their used cans.”
The Australian High Commissioner to Ghana, William Billy Williams, stressed the need to preserve the environment by using sustainable and environmentally-friendly products.
“Climate change is already having an effect on our environment and we need to be concerned about how we mange the current resources we have at our disposal. And recycle, is the way to go.”
Mr. Williams pledged his support to develop the initiative. A bag costs between GH¢20 and GH¢40.

via the daily guide

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