Bakers in Kumasi Decry of high price of flour and other bakery products

 Bakers in Kumasi Decry high prices of flour and other bakery products

Bakers in the Kumasi metropolis are worried about the dwindling fortes of the traditional flour use in the country which came as the escalating prices of baking ingredients on the open market.
In an interview with the President of the Bread Bakers Association in Kumasi, They believe that if prudent measures are not put in place to halt the frequent price hikes the flour industry will in no time collapse.
The traditional flour users in the Kumasi region claim the prices of flour , margarine , sugar and other ingredients used in the baking of bread and other flour products such as cakes and other pastries have gone high,
According to the bakers 50kg of flour which was sold at Ghc70 is now 100Ghc, baking sugar also sells at ghc100 whiles a bucket of baking margarine also goes for Ghc40.
They fear that prices will further escalate during the Christmas festivities as flour products are patronized in high demands during such occasions.
Some bakers also spoke of high electricity charges among others.
They appealed to the government to create a more conducive business environment for their flour business to strive.

17th Oct.2012


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