The problems of urban slums in ghana

Urban Slums
The problems of urban slums have been starring the country in the face for decades this is due to factors such as population increase, poverty and unemployment.
The need for developmental projects to be undertaken sometimes requires these slums to be pulled down.
Meanwhile Amnesty Int. Ghana has however raised concerns about the manner in which the evictions of slum dwellers are handled saying they infringes some basic human rights, he emphasized that Ghana is a signatory to the human right laws and as a result must strictly adhere to its laws.
The deputy Minister for women and children Affairs, Hajia Hawawu Boya Gariba said various stakeholders has to come together to address the issues of poor development in the slums.
Amnesty international Ghana also urged local authorities to end force evictions, develop and adopt guidelines for evictions and push for the adaptation of a national housing policy in Ghana which currently does not exist.
 17 Oct. 2012

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