Our Leader & his Commitment to Work- Lips Service Workers

Frankly speaking I really like our president personally, but I sincerely dislike his commitment to getting work done.
For now my perception about him is making me gradually to believe that he is a good service man when he is ranked among our “Lips Service” workers.
With regards to the current energy crises in the country, the president on October 16, 2012 had a consultative meeting with the Public Utility and Regulatory Commission.
One of the very disturbingly highlighted issues on board their agenda was the power curse the nation is currently going through and especially the complete failure of the ECG to strictly adhere to their own designed time table intended to manage the load shedding situation.
President John Dramani Mahama speaking at the meeting tasked the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to address the huge anomalies with the ongoing load shedding timetable to ensure equality.
Our president had no option any longer than to call the ECG to order when it became evidently clear that management of the ECG has proved to be incompetent to the people of Ghana in dealing with the energy woe rocking the nation.
Ghanaians have complaint bitterly and are at a shock at how the issue is being handled. The ECG takes the power anytime they prefer and when they deem fit to restore power to the good people of Ghana regardless of whose turn it is to either enjoy power or not.
For the Electricity Company of Ghana   to Simply follow their own laid down schedule for the exercise, It  has taken the intervention of the President to issue direct orders for them to sit up to rectify the challenges.
The President made it clear to them that “It must be done according to the published pattern and we ourselves put in additional generation and try to mitigate it, I think that if we can make the burden on consumer lighter progressively that will be very much appreciated”.
Very unfortunately as it looks, not even the President has the right or the capacity to call the Electricity Company of Ghana   to task.
His calls are often disregarded and he seems to be ignorant or does not know what to do next when such cases pops up.

The issue, is we the citizenry have complained bitterly on how the energy crises is crippling our businesses, the president being the first gentleman of the land and direct boss of the ECG has added his voice in a way I will describe as a very clear propaganda and a very shameful and incompetent way of dealing with such an important issue which clearly needs to be dealt with pragmatically.
My quest is if our President seems that powerless to task the Electricity Company of Ghana to duty then who has that right?
All that Ghanaians are calling for are pragmatic measures on such highly disturbing crises; our leaders should know better that we did not bring them into power to listen to their everyday stories and wonderful speeches which are always endless but most often senseless as it provides no solution to issues. 
Our President and his subordinates should kindly be aware that Ghanaians are expecting very quick and pragmatic measures to the energy woe rocking the nation. He has the power and should act as such.

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