Are we practicing democracy or demagoguery?

Are we practicing democracy or demagoguery? Our democracy is being heckled, vilified and trampled upon by the powers that be.
 Our political leaders have not only acted as vampires, punching holes in the minds of the electorate to accomplish and advance their own vision of parochialism, they have also failed to deliver on their promises.
Development has been static, improvement in the lives of the people pathetic and general governance has been horrific.
Gov’t should be driven by empathy, and care for its people, a clear quality conspicuously missing in most of the gov’ts we’ve witnessed.
President Kagame and his Rwanda are touted by reports as the new rising economy on the continent of Africa. He and members of his gov’t have vowed to rid the country of corruption, starting with themselves.
 I would want to disbelieve that our international reputation is taking a non stop nose-diving trend.
We sat in the same classroom with Malaysia and South Korea and only God knows how many times Ghana got repeated. Let’s get our acts together and move the country forward, for geez, it’s been 55years since….hmmm.
Via facebook posts
By: Frank K. Armah aka Wuruwo

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