Water Woe in Tema, Pioneer Food Cannery shuts down

An acute water shortage has hit communities in the Tema Municipality in the Greater Accra Region.The situation is causing immense hardships to both residents and the numerous industries in the region.
Activities in the area has been brought to a standstill, as students of the various second cycle institutions and workers of both private and public institutions battle for a bucket of water, before either going to school or work. 
“In this scorching temperature we face immense problems to fetch water. We have to travel to adjoining areas to fetch few buckets of water. Ironically the authorities have failed to restore water supply or press water tankers into service,”
The aggrieved residents said they had approached the Ghana Water Company authorities. “However, they are acting as mute spectators. 
“Without water our life has turned into a hell. We will be forced to take to streets if the authorities fail to resolve the matter on priority,” said  resident Ahmed Abdul Salam, association member of Community 7.

Many areas of Ashiaman and Prampram also face the same water shortage. “It seems as if our area has been hit by drought but the authorities are unmoved,”
The latest of companies to become seriously affected is the Canned fish manufacturer, Pioneer Food Cannery.

As a result of lack of water supply which has persisted for the last weeks.
About 1,800 workers of the company located at the Tema industrial area have been sent home.

Nana Yaw Amaka Okyere, Acting Head of Human Resources at Pioneer Food Cannery in an interview with XYZ News said without water the company cannot function.

“It has to do with one major resource that we need for our operations, that is water. Our operations are such that we need a very high volume of water to deliver what we do”.

Mr. Amaka Okyere is however hopeful things will normalize soon.
“To cut all the risk we had to shut down and we hoping that things will normalize and the moment things normalize we will go back to work”.

mdnuhu together with the entire citizenry call on the authorities to act as soon as possible to resolve the situation. This has come at a very bad timing considering the ongoing power shedding situation in the country coupled with water shortages as well, this is a hell for we the citizens . Our Authorities must wake from their carelessness. Its time they take things seriously. The nation is almost collapsing without these basic necessities!!

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