Exclusive Report:Events that unfolded prior to the collapse of the 6-storey Ultra-Modern Melcom Shopping Mall located at Achimota-Neoplan.

Exclusive Report:
Events that unfolded prior to the collapse of the 6-storey Ultra-Modern Melcom Shopping Mall located at Achimota-Neoplan.

Exclusive firsthand information reaching mdnuhu from confirmed sources indicates that complete ignorance on the side of management of the Melcom Shopping Centre and care takers of the so-called ultra-modern building are to be blamed for what can only be described as “manslaughter”

Technically the 5-storey ultra-modern Melcom building at Achimota-Neoplan collapsed by caving-in killing an unspecified number of persons leaving many trapped in the rubble just yesterday the 7th of November, 2012.

Information gathered from friends who are members of the Ghana National Fire Service on the grounds for rescue mission yesterday briefed us on what one of the survivors narrated to them on events before the collapse of the building. 
During the early hours of Friday, the 2nd of November, One of the workers(un-named) detected a huge crack in the building 5days (Friday, 2nd Nov. 2012) prior to this unfortunate disaster.
Due to the nature of the crack he hurriedly filed a complaint to his senior supervisor that same day who gave no listening ears to him.
On Saturday 3rd November, this ‘unnamed’ worker was sent to pick-up items which were located in this same particular room which housed the huge cracks he had complained about. He refused the orders and immediately reported the issue to another supervisor and a colleague. 
He was summoned and questioned and charged by his supervisors for spreading ‘rumours’ about the huge crack in the building by discussing the issue with another supervisor and a colleague complaining bitterly to them on the dangerous nature of the crack and the refusal of his supervisors to pay him attention. 
To his surprise he was sacked by his supervisors with their reason that he is creating fear and panic among his colleagues and also exchanging words with them that same day.
After his dismissal this un-named worker then went ahead to make a complaint to his overall boss which was the Indian in charge of the affairs of that Melcom branch.
Despite all his struggles to avert what just happened, he was still sacked for caring for his own safety and that of his colleagues.
On Monday 5th Nov. 2012, the survivor further narrated that his Indian boss then invited the building owner and the engineer to draw their attention cracks, but he never heard their conclusion on the matter.
Unfortunately before they could reason on what to do, their failure to reason and act immediately lead to this disaster which is clearly defined under such circumstance as “manslaughter”.
This day 7/11/12 can only be described in the history of Ghana as a very  disastrous ‘BLACK WEDNESDAY’.
Meanwhile rescue mission is still ongoing to save the people still trapped under the rubble.
During a visit to the disaster site by the President John Dramani Mahama, he gave a strong indication that the person whose negligence caused the collapse of the multi-storey Melcom building at would be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the republic.

So far fifty-six people have been dug out of the rubble of which four are confirmed dead, the remaining sustaining numerous injuries.


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