rlg Institute of Communication & GYEEDA – How I was Fooled After Graduation

RLG 5the Graduation
The Rlg Institute of Technology in partnership with the Ghana Youth Employment and Entrepreneurial Agency (GYEEDA) formerly of National Youth Employment Programme (NYEP) under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, last Friday, November 16, 2012 held its 5th graduation ceremony for 1,300 youth in the Greater Accra Region at a short, but impressive ceremony, in Osu-Greater Accra.
Mr. Roland Agambire, Chief Executive Officer of Rlg Communications, said the 1,300 youth in the Greater Accra Region were part of the 7,134 youth who formed the last batch of trainees who underwent training in ICT at the Rlg Institute of Technology and the Ghana Youth Employment and Enterpreneurial Agency (GYEEDA).
He pledged that each graduand is entitled to graduate with his/her certificate as well as a setup kit which consists of:

*BGA Re-Work Station, *DC-Power Supply, *Multimeter, *Set of Screw Drivers, *Tweezers, *Soldering Iron/station.

All of these tools were as a he put it, part of the business process and graduands will be mentored to practice the trade, earn income and grow their business, in addition to making available a modernized workstation under a special micro financing scheme for interested graduands only.

Will his promises and pledges materialise? Read my/our story.

MY STORY (Flash Back).
My quest to become a qualified and competent Engineer in Mobile and Computing Technology landed me at the Rlg Training Institute of Communication (Amasaman Branch)
Minutes of enquiring educated me that their forms of enrollment were in two forms, one for Intensive Student Enrollment Fee paying, which demands applicants in this category to fully self-fund their administration and tuition costs for any module one choose to pursue.
The second form of enrollment which caught my eye enabling me to hurriedly grab the offer was the Enrollment under National Youth Employmet Programme (NYEP).
The Enrollment through NYEP is a partnership training programme with the Government of Ghana through the National Youth Employment Programme currently Ghana Youth Employment and Development Agency (GYEEDA) spelt out boldly that both Administration and Tuition fees in this category are paid for by the Government of Ghana.
Upon advice, I was directed to register with the National Youth Employment Programme, Amasaman District Assembly because I had opted for the second option and they were was in charge of registering students for the Rlg Training Institute in the Municipality.

I believe strongly that I was importune to have been part of such training programme designed and structured to reflect current trends in ICT technological advancements. We all are aware that Rlg’s training center has become a hub for the development of tens of thousands of young talents across Africa.

Just after our orientation to the course and what we should expect after graduation, I became very confident and most opportune.

I have begun this course with sincere zeal and confidence; I have no doubt that this same feeling was the case for other course mates who were participating.

Our tutors from my perspective were experienced, qualified and professional course instructors. They have the skill development qualities to turn any individual into a qualified and competent Engineer in Mobile and Computing Technology.

Our study room was fully equipped with modern and user-friendly training tools andequoment including newly looking computers.
Studies was mostly practical and it went quite well with us. Each majortopic we treated ended with both practical and theoretical examination. This was the trend until the end of our studies with the institution.

until the end As a graduate of the rlg Institute of Communication……typing


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