GM crops must be immediately outlawed

The GMO debate is over; GM crops must be immediately outlawed; Monsanto halted from threatening humanity.

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(NaturalNews) The GMO debate is over. There is no longer any
legitimate, scientific defense of growing GM crops for human
consumption. The only people still clinging to the outmoded myth that
“GMOs are safe” are scientific mercenaries with financial ties to
Monsanto and the biotech industry.

GMOs are an anti-human technology. They threaten the continuation
of life on our planet. They are a far worse threat than terrorism, or even
the threat of nuclear war.

As a shocking new study has graphically shown, GMOs are the new thalidomide. When rats eat GM corn, they develop horrifying tumors. Seventy percent of females die prematurely, and virtually all of them suffer severe organ damage from consuming GMO. These are the scientific conclusions of the first truly “long-term” study ever conducted on GMO consumption in animals, and the findings are absolutely horrifying. (See pictures of rats with tumors, below.)

What this reveals is that genetic engineering turns FOOD into POISON.

Remember thalidomide? Babies being born with no arms and other heart-breaking deformities? Thalidomide was pushed as “scientific” and “FDA approved.” The same lies are now being told about GMO: they’re safe. They’re nutritious. They will feed the world!

But the real science now coming out tells a different picture: GMOs may be creating an entire generation of cancer victims who have a frighteningly heightened risk of growing massive mammary gland tumors caused by the consumption of GM foods. We are witnessing what may turn out to be the worst and most costly blunder in the history of western science: the mass poisoning of billions of people with a toxic food crop that was never properly tested in the first place.

Remember: GMOs are an anti-human technology. And those who promote them are, by definition, enemies of humankind.
GMOs are unfit for human consumption

The evidence keeps emerging, day after day, that GMOs are absolutely and without question unfit for human consumption. France has already launched an investigation that may result in the nation banning GM corn imports. It’s already illegal to grow genetically modified crops in France, but the nation still allows GMO imports, meaning France still allows its citizens to be poisoned by imported GM corn grown in America.

The GMO industry, not surprisingly, doesn’t want any independent research conducted on GMOs. They don’t want long-term feeding trials, and they most certainly do not want studies conducted by scientists they can’t control with financial ties.
What they want is to hide GMOs in products by making sure they’re not listed on the labels. Hence the biotech industry’s opposition to Proposition 37 (

The tactics of the biotech industry are:

• HIDE genetically modified ingredients in foods
• FALSIFY the research to claim GMOs are safe
• MANIPULATE the scientific debate by bribing scientists
• DENY DENY DENY just like Big Tobacco, DDT, thalidomide, Agent Orange and everything else that’s been killing us over the last century

Monsanto is now the No. 1 most hated corporation in America. The company’s nickname is MonSatan. It is the destructive force behind the lobbying of the USDA, FDA, scientists and politicians that have all betrayed the American people and given in to genetically modified seeds.

These seeds, some of which grow their own toxic pesticides right inside the grain, are a form of chemical brutality against children and adults. This is “child abuse” at its worst. It’s an abuse of all humans. It is the most serious crime ever committed against nature and all of humankind.
Science for sale

That’s what you get with payola science… science “for sale” to wealthy corporations. Nearly all the studies that somehow conclude GMO are safe were paid for by the biotech industry. Every one of those studies is unreliable and most likely fraudulent. Every scientist that conducts “research” for Monsanto is almost certainly a sellout at minimum… and more likely a jackal operative working for an industry of death.

Corporate science is fraudulent science. When enough money is at stake, scientists can be bought off to even declare smoking cigarettes to be safe. And they did, throughout the 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s. Some of those very same scientists are now working for the Monsantos of the world, peddling their scientific fraud to the highest bidder (which always happens to be a wealthy corporation).

There is no poison these scientists won’t promote as safe — even “good for you!” There is no limit to their evil. There are no ethics that guide their actions.

GMO-promoting scientists are the most despicable humanoid creatures to have ever walked the surface of this planet. To call them “human” is an insult to humanity. They are ANTI-human. They are demonic. They are forces of evil that walk among the rest of us, parading as authorities when in their hearts and souls they are actually corporate cowards and traitors to humankind. To pad their own pockets, they would put at risk the very future of sustainable life on our planet… and they do it consciously, insidiously. They feed on death, destruction, suffering and pain. They align with the biotech industry precisely because they know that no other industry is as steeped in pure evil as the biotech industry. GMO pushers will lie, cheat, steal, falsify and even mass-murder as many people as it takes to further their agenda of total global domination over the entire food supply… at ANY cost.

This is war at the genetic level. And this kind of war makes bullets, bombs and nukes look downright tame by comparison. Because the GMO war is based on self-replicating genetic pollution which has already been released into the environment; into the food supply; and into your body.

The hundreds of millions of consumers who eat GMO are being murdered right now, with every meal they consume… and they don’t even know it. GMO-pimping scientists are laughing at all the death they’re causing. They enjoy tricking people and watching them die because it makes their sick minds feel more powerful. These were the geeks in school who were bullied by the jocks. But now, with the power of genetic manipulation at their fingertips, they can invoke their hatred against all humankind and “bully” the entire world with hidden poisons in the food. That makes them smile. It’s the ultimate revenge against a world that mistreated them in their youth. Death to everyone!
Society must respond in defense of life on Earth

The sheer brutality of what the GMO industry has committed against us humanity screams out for a decisive response. It is impossible to overreact to this. No collective response goes too far when dealing with an industry that quite literally threatens the very basis of life on our planet.

To march government SWAT teams into the corporate headquarters of all GMO seed companies and shut down all operations at gunpoint would be a mild reaction — and fully justified. To indict all biotech CEOs, scientists, employees and P.R. flacks and charge them with conspiring to commit crimes against humanity would be a small but important step in protecting our collective futures. To disband all these corporations by government order have their assets seized and sold off to help fund reparations to the people they have harmed is but a tiny step needed in the defense of life.

The truth is that humanity will never be safe until GMO seed pushers and manufacturers are behind bars, locked away from society and denied the ability to ever threaten humanity again.

What the Nuremberg trials did to IG Farben and other Nazi war crimes corporations, our own government must now do to Monsanto and the biotech industry.

It is time for decisive intervention. Monsanto must be stopped by the will of the People. The mass poisoning of our families and children by an evil, destructive corporation that seeks to dominate the world food supply must be halted.

The GMO debate is over. The horrors are now being revealed. The truth can no longer be hidden, and the reaction from the public cannot be stopped.
Prediction: Activist attacks on GM seeds and the criminals who promote them

The era of GMO deception is history. A food revolution is upon us. And if governments will not halt the mass poisoning of our world by evil corporations, I have no doubt that the People will, by themselves, eventually invoke other necessary methods of halting this great evil.

I predict a future where — and for the record I DO NOT encourage this — shipments of GM seeds to farmers are raided and destroyed by activists. I predict Monsanto employees being publicly named and shamed on websites. I predict — but DO NOT CONDONE — scientists who conduct research for Monsanto being threatened, intimidated and even physically attacked. Again, for the record, I DO NOT IN ANY WAY condone such behavior, but I predict it will emerge as an inevitable reaction to the unfathomable evil being committed by the GMO industry and all its co-conspirators. The “Army of the 12 monkeys” may become reality. (See the sci-fi movie “12 monkeys” starring Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis.)

What we are fighting for here is the protection of our species. We are fighting for the sanctity of life on our planet. Those who threaten that life must be stopped from continuing to harm us. This evil must be put back in its box and prevented from ever threatening us again.

Even Congress is starting to state the obvious on how evil Monsanto really is. Just yesterday, Congressman Dennis Kucinich demanded GMO labeling in a powerful speech. Watch that at:


Petitioning Justices of the Supreme Court of Ghana

Your Lordships,
On 7 & 8 December 2012, over 11 million Ghanaians including myself went to the polls to vote for a president to lead Ghana for the next 4 years. Some hours before the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Dr. Afari Gyan, declared the winner, the New Patriotic Party drew his attention to some irregularities in the collation of the results from around the country and alleged that a “systematic electoral fraud” had taken place. They pleaded with Dr. Afari Gyan to delay announcing the results as they gathered evidence to prove their allegation. Dr. Afari Gyan ignored their plea even though by law he had more than 36 hours to announce whom the winner was, and he declared John Dramani Mahama as President-Elect of Ghana.
John Mahama may or may not be a good president but it is critical that the alleged electoral fraud is investigated to ensure that our democracy is secured or at least appears to be secured. The Progressive Peoples’ Party and the Convention Peoples’ Party have all made similar allegations of electoral fraud in the just ended elections.
Their allegation is that more votes were added to what John Mahama actually got at the polling stations. In other words, John Mahama’s results were inflated. In some cases, results from polling stations, which did not exist were included in the collation resulting in more votes for John Mahama. Furthermore, votes were deducted from other candidates making it possible for John Mahama to obtain the requisite 50%+1.
The New Patriotic Party has threatened to petition your Lordships to do the right thing, which is that the president must be declared based on the actual votes from the people of Ghana.
I’m Ghanaian and I want my vote to matter.
I’m Ghanaian and my vote must matter.
I’m Ghanaian, COUNT MY VOTE.
Respectfully submitted.
Edem Suleman.

Please Sign the Petition|Make Your Own Petition


Two Nigerians Hack Into Ghana Armed Forces Mail

Two Nigerians have been
arrested for allegedly
attempting to divert $13,978
belonging to Ghanaian
peacekeepers after they had
succeeded in hacking into the
e-mails of the Ghana Armed
Forces (GAF).
The suspects, Peter Okechukwu,
32, and Emmanuel Ifedi, 31,
were arrested by officials of the
Criminal Investigations
Department (CID) of the Ghana
Police Service at a branch of
the United Bank of Africa
(UBA), in Accra, where they had
gone to cash the money.
According to the Director General
of the CID, Commissioner of Police,
Mr Prosper Agblor, in November,
this year, the two suspects
managed to enter the e-mails of
Continental African Trading Limited
(CATAL) and the United Nations
Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL)
GHANBATT 76 and intercepted all
electronic communications
between the two parties.
CATAL, an international
organisation, had been supplying
home appliances to Ghanaian
peacekeeping troops on various
missions at different locations in
the world.
Recently CATAL was contacted as
usual by the GAF to supply home
appliances for UNIFIL GHANBATT 
76 peacekeeping troops in
Mr Agblor said there was
correspondence between CATAL and
the military through the Internet
concerning the supply of the items.
Somewhere along the line, he said,
the e-mails between GAF and CATAL
were hacked into by the two
Nigerians who intercepted all mails
from both ends and replied them
as if they were coming from the
rightful receivers of the email.
Mr Agblor said the two suspects
using the identity of CATAL sent an
email to the military instructing
them to pay cash in the sum of
$13,978 into a United Bank for
Africa account number
01011651102235 as part payment
for the supply of the goods.
Upon receipt of the information,
the GAF transfered $13,978 into
the account as instructed by the
two suspects.
Mr Agblor said CATAL realised that
the military had suddenly stopped
communicating with them on
matters relating to the transfer of
the money so they followed up
with a phone call and detected that
the military had paid an amount of
$13,978 into an account number
supplied by them.
He said it was at that stage that
they both realised that someone
had hacked into their emails and
quickly reported the issue to the
Documentation and Visa Fraud Unit
of the CID.
Mr Agblor said that the Business
Development Manager of CATAL
reported the case to the police and
checks at the bank revealed that
the money had not yet been
cashed by the suspects.
The police therefore mounted
surveillance at the bank awaiting
the arrival of the suspects.
According to Mr Agblor, on
November 11, 2012, Peter
Okechukwu who happened to be
the owner of the said account was
arrested when he turned up at the
bank to cash the amount.
Upon interrogation, the police said,
Okechukwu admitted to the offence
but mentioned Emmanuel Ifedi as
the master brain behind the whole
deal and led the police to his house
at Ashaley Botwe, an Accra suburb.
He said investigations were still on-
going after which the two would be
put before court.
Source: Mary Mensah/Daily

Ghanas elections ongoing

“Is Africa and the world watching ?
Despite the numerous and tough frustrating challenges, the Ghanaians have proved to be indeed the most dignified people on the continent. May Ghana Stand Tall Always and may that peace touch every corner of the African Continent..Amiin.
Peace !! ” Sultan Nuhu.

Kweku Sagoe writes;
Voting ended at exactly 5:00 PM,paving way for the ballot papers to be counted across the length and
breadth of the country. Here in the Western Region of Ghana, the
atmosphere is calm and the electorates are anxiously monitoring all the events with respect to the counting. Expectations are high.Earlier in the day during the voting stage, there were problems with EC Officials not coming on time, verification machines not functioning properly, absence of security personnel coupled with
others but all these problems were solved peacefully through interactions with the EC Officials, the police department leading to a peaceful event of voting here in the Western Region of Ghana.

Information from the Electoral Commission of Ghana is suggesting that places that encountered various problems with the malfunctioning of the verification machines are expected to vote tomorrow from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Follow ROK 98.7 FM for all the updates as and when the results are released.

Ashanti Region Bombarded with Chemicals a day to elections

Two people, including a primary school girl, collapsed and several others have been hospitalised following a chemical spillage in the Ashanti Regional capital, Kumasi.

Officials of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the region say the spillage was due to the “inappropriate” way the chemical was handled.

The catastrophic incident left thousands of inhabitants suffocating, gasping for breath on Thursday as the chemical produced pungent odour.

The toxic pesticide, Dimethoate leaked into the environment from a Kumasi based agro-chemical factory, Kumark Company, Thursday, forcing an immediate evacuation of hundreds of residents in the immediate vicinity.

Luv News’ Erastus Donkor, who himself is a victim, told Evans Mensah on Joy FM’s Top Story he has been seeking medical attention, and doctors have told him to stay away from the affected area.

He said he feels “drowsy, drain and weak”.

He described the odour as irritating and difficult to stand. It is even more problematic for residents as he said it was scarce in the afternoon to even find a nearby place where people can get fresh air, he reported, noting that people, especially children, are covering their mouths and noses with handkerchiefs.

Erastus Donkor said the girl who collapsed, a pupil of the Roman Catholic (RC) Primary School, was on her way home with her colleagues after the school was closed down impulsively due to the incident. She was rushed to a nearby health centre.

A security man in the same school was reported to have also collapsed, he learnt.

Meanwhile, experts have warned the health risks can be devastating.

There is conflicting information coming from the Environmental Protection Agency about the legal status of the factory.

Ashanti Regional Director of the EPA, Isaac Osei admitted the company does not have the permit to operate, stating that EPA does not know about existence of that particular chemical there.

He contended that failure of the factory owner to report the leakage to the EPA was even illegal. He said the extent of damage would have been mitigated if he had reported it.

But Mr Osei’s account was sharply contradicted by the Deputy Public Affairs Director with the EPA, Angelina Mensah who said the company is duly registered.

She said the company is registered as well as the chemicals and other materials in the factory.

“What the EPA team has identified was that the man’s housekeeping was not appropriate,” she remarked.

The District Chief Executive for Atwima Kwanwoma, Tony Nyame told Joy News they visited the factory with the owner, and they have been advised not to “antagonise” him so that he can cooperate with them to find a lasting solution to the problem.

However, he said the owner could be charged for “negligence”, saying the chemicals were not handled “professionally”.

He said personnel from the Ghana National Fire service have been putting foams on the remnants as the EPA prepares to evacuate the chemicals to a landfill site.

He was sure the incident would not affect Friday’s elections.

via myjoyonline

Carjackers seize Hyundai minibus H200: please help!

Two unidentified gunmen Wednesday evening attacked a resident of Community 18, Lashibi, Matilda Ahiator and made away with her Hyundai minibus H200 with Registration Number GS 6397 – 11.

The robbers also made away with two mobile phones, a hand bag, a driver’s license amongst other items belonging to the victim.

Mrs Ahiator told police the incident happened at about 7:30pm when she was about to enter her house.

She appealed to the general public to call the police or 0244123833 if they see the vehicle anywhere.

Click to see a police extract on Mrs. Ahiator’s report.




Posted on Friday, September 21, 2012 at 5:59am ·

For now I expect all of us to know the real definition of “blackminded” person. You see blackmen, you by the Merciful Grace of God through His servant The Honourable Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, you went to school from Kindergarten through to the University absolutely without any cost to you and your family, whiles you were there, absolutely every expense was taken care of, talk of books, school uniform,shoes and socks, even common pen, pencils and erasers were all taken care of. The beautiful aspect was that whiles you enjoyed all these freebies you were paid in addition.

For centuries after the demise of our One and Only True Honourable of the Land, non of our leaders has had the good heart to implement such a God fearing policy to the benefit of the poor who continue to be the majority.

The good news as at now is that the current flag bearer of the New Patriotic Party (The NPP one of the major political parties in Ghana, popularly known for its several bombings in an attempt to kill Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and eventually leading to his overthrow,) Mr. Nana Akuffo Addo, has given it a second thought over our educational system and as such has promised to give what is due to the nation with the promise of a Free Second Cycle Education if elected as president.

Brothers and Sisters, we all are aware especially  now, that certainly Propaganda is a dangerous weapon to diminish truth. soo unfortunately we have been blinded  in some  way or the other to the extent that we are  made to believe through the lies and misleading teachings and useless propaganda of the other opposing political parties who I believe have no vision for our motherland Ghana.

It is highly unfortunate for our highly educated people of today who have been given the mandate to better the life of Ghanaians are able to state in categorical terms that “FREE EDUCATION is never possible in Ghana”. I beg to differ on this one but I can boldly tell you that, if these are the kind of people leading us I beg to say but we will have no future with such leaders.

People who for many years have been beneficiaries of such laudable policy from the The Very Honourable Dr. Kwame Nkrumah are not expected to speak this way on free education, simply because we expect from them much, we expect from them to be defenders of such policies which they will attest to that it has indeed changed thier life for the better.

As a matter of fact we the citizens of Ghana are much surprised that functionaries of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) are casting serious doubts over the practicality of the policy, knowing very well it is achievable.

We do not expect them to  toy us in making us believe Free Education is “Never Achievable”, if they still stand by their current position of lambasting this proposed  free, accessible, quality senior high school policy proposed by the New Patriotic Party and the Progressive People Party in the interest of the majority of Ghanaians who are not able to sponsor their wards in furthering their education to this level.

Most surprisingly majority of our leaders who are opposing this policy are people whose parents were peasant farmers, among the poorest in our communities yet they climbed up the ladder to lead us, there is no secrete behind their success today, the glory goes to the Free Educational Policy of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah at their time. Yet these people as selfish and uncaring as we are forced to believe have  been  trying their best possible to never allow we the youth, the upcoming generation to enjoy at least similar benefits as their current stand portrays.

Many of our senior educated men who benefited and are showing gratitude to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah have thrown their weight behind the  Free education policy calling it ” a visionary idea which holds the key to the transformation of the Ghanaian society”. This is a policy we all believe will ease the burden our parents are bearing , thereby increasing their disposal income, enabling them spend on other necessities, in fact this high cost of education has  prevented several otherwise qualified and brilliant young people from furthering and in some cases completing their schooling to some good standard.

I will urge my fellow Ghanaians to embrace this policy and any other policy of it kind proposed by any of our own political parties aimed to bettering the life of Ghanaians especially this one. It is an achievable policy, it has been done already and it will be easier to implement I believe, it is never unachievable if they mean to help the nation move forward in positive direction.

 Education is the backbone of every country’s development,I  express optimism that the policy is highly achievable and indeed with proper planning and judicious use of the country’s resources free secondary education can be a reality and a possibility.

A Quote from Professor Benneh a past Finance and Economic Planning Minister :
“It is just an issue of commitment and the outlining of procedures to ensure that it works. Putting such a percentage of our country’s Gross Domestic Product into education, I think, is a worthy investment and if the government would consider it would work,”