Ghanas elections ongoing

“Is Africa and the world watching ?
Despite the numerous and tough frustrating challenges, the Ghanaians have proved to be indeed the most dignified people on the continent. May Ghana Stand Tall Always and may that peace touch every corner of the African Continent..Amiin.
Peace !! ” Sultan Nuhu.

Kweku Sagoe writes;
Voting ended at exactly 5:00 PM,paving way for the ballot papers to be counted across the length and
breadth of the country. Here in the Western Region of Ghana, the
atmosphere is calm and the electorates are anxiously monitoring all the events with respect to the counting. Expectations are high.Earlier in the day during the voting stage, there were problems with EC Officials not coming on time, verification machines not functioning properly, absence of security personnel coupled with
others but all these problems were solved peacefully through interactions with the EC Officials, the police department leading to a peaceful event of voting here in the Western Region of Ghana.

Information from the Electoral Commission of Ghana is suggesting that places that encountered various problems with the malfunctioning of the verification machines are expected to vote tomorrow from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Follow ROK 98.7 FM for all the updates as and when the results are released.


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