UG students threaten demonstration over accidents

Students of the University of Ghana have threatened to mountroad blocks and demonstrate on the Madina-Tetteh Quashie road after another student was knocked down and killed by a vehicle at Okponglo.

This brings number of studentswho have died on the road to three.Two female students of the university were crushed in an accident involving a taxi and a garbage truck on the same road.
The driver of the garbage truck was arrested by the Legon police and arraigned before court on Monday while the taxi driver is still in critical condition at the 37 military hospitals.

According to the President of the Student Representative Council, Edmond Kombat the first year male student was killed while crossing the road by a driver who sped off after the act.
“Clearly you know school has reopened today and students are coming back to school in their numbers, when they were coming from Osu, they alight at the Okponglo junction and then they cross.”

The second semester of the academic year started today and students are expected to start registering for the period. He stated that, “he is a level 100 medical student and as he crossed the road he was knocked down by a car. He was coming to school to start his registration for the semester.”
Reports are that, there were no police officials at the junction when the accident happened even though there have been several calls last week for provisions to be made for officers to be stationed there.

Speaking to Citi News Edmond Kombat indicated that “after the student was knocked down the driver didn’t stop and we arecalling on the authorities to immediate deploy of police officers there.” “We are mobilizing to go and block the place because we cannot tolerate this thing anymore.

Reports are that the boy is dead but doctors at the University of Ghana hospitals are telling us they will get back to us later”
By: Alhassan Rabiu/


Changing the Safety Culture – It begins with YOU

Changing the Safety Culture – It begins with YOU!

The Ghana National Fire Service has recorded 254 fire outbreaks over the past two weeks alone of this year January 2013 across the country.

This must certainly be of a very great worry and concern to us.
Most fires in the home can be prevented, by taking some basic and common sense precautions.

As a safety and precaution measure we should inspect our homes for anything that could cause a fire. You can then take the necessary actions to protect your home and the people who live in it.

If you want to change the culture you have to start with yourself and a firm commitment to Safety. Safety must be a personal value. We must first hold ourselves accountable and then each other. We will never get there without commitment and accountability.
Your attitude toward safety can play a major role in the prevention of fire accidents and injuries/death.


We ‘re cause of our problems in the North – Sultan

We ‘re cause of our problems in the North – Sultan
“The Sultan of Sokoto and President, Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, NSCIA, Dr. Sa’ad Abubakar III, yesterday said that the present security and developmental challenges facing Northern Nigeria was self inflicted by northerners themselves.

The Sultan spoke at the Northern Nigeria Governors Peace and Reconciliation Committee meeting in Kaduna, blaming northerners for inflicting heavy pains on themselves.

His words, “Let us sit and talk freely and articulate positions that will bring us out of the quagmire we put ourselves. It is important that religious and traditional rulers from our various states sit together, so that each and everyone of us will talk freely for us to articulate a position as the way out of this problem we find ourselves.

We northerners have put ourselves in a quagmire, because whatever that is happening in the North is our own doing. This was because we did not do what we are supposed to do. And since we know that, we have to solve our problems ourselves. So, I think, it is not a bad idea that the committee was set up.”

Will the leaders in Ghana`s Northern Region admit that they have indeed become failure on their people ?? With their arrogance will they for once mellow themselves and engage their people on the need for peace, tolerance and reconciliation?.

Bawku is gradually burning into ashes, whiles we naively claim the nation is the most peaceful among African nations. The Northern region is siting on a time bomb we are all aware of this fact, with this problems of Abudu`s and Andani`s never solved we are never to expect calm from that part of Ghana.

Our Religious leaders, Traditional Leaders and our Political leaders from North are total failure to the people of Bawku and the Nation.
meanwhile the people of the land must also have a change of attitude. If they really want to see peace they must do away with violent and aggressive behaviour. they should also know that none of them(ethnicity) is superior or better above the other.

With the immense efforts of Mr. Honourable Iddi Wuni and his peace campaign group and the sincere attention and dedication to Peace from all the various leaders, Bawku we pray will be a better place for mother Ghana.

Ghana ranked first In mobile broadband penetration in Africa

This is according to a recent International Telecommunications Union (ITU) report.
According to the “Measuring Information Society Report” released in the last quarter of 2012, mobile broadband penetration surged from 7% in 2010 to 23% in 2011.

The report said 14 per cent of Ghanaians were internet users, up from 10 per cent in 2010. The ITU report is the most comprehensive statistical and analytical document on the shape of ICT markets worldwide.

Among African countries, Ghana’s telecommunications sector had the highest investment to revenue ratio in 2009 and 2010, which shows that operators invested relatively heavily in fixed assets in order to maintain and enhance networks. Fixed broadband penetration has remained marginal, however.

Ghana’s mobile broadband prices are also relatively low. At 14% of Gross National Income (GNI) per person, it is four and half times cheaper than the African average which stands at 64% of GNI per person.
The report also includes an ICT Development Index (IDI)which combines 11 indicators into a single measure that can be used as a benchmarking tool to track progress in ICT development over time. (The indicators include ICT access, use, skills, mobile cellular subscriptions and basic literacy rates, households with a computer, Internet users, fixed and mobile broadband Internet subscriptions, and basic literacy rates.)
Nevertheless, Ghana remains in the lower half of the index at 117th out of 155 countries.

This is an improvement by four places from 2010. No other African country recorded such an improvement for internet access as well as usage.

South Korea is ranked top in the ICT Development Index. All countries in the top 30 are high-income, underlining the strong link between income and ICT progress.
Source: Research &Communications Desk, Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications

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Nzema Youth Group Congratulates Hon. Kofi Buah On His Ministerial Appointment

The Nzema Youth Association has in a statement signed by their spokesperson congratulated the Member of Parliament for the Ellembele Constituency on his appointment as the Minister for energy and petroleum.

The Association also commended Awulae Agyevi Kwame, Omahenle of the Nsein Tradional council and the chiefs of the Western Region for playing a crucial role in his appontment.

Read the full statement bellow;
Our sincere and hearty Congratulations to Mr. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah on your elevation to the esteemed position of Minister of Energy and Petroleum.
We trust that your tenure of office will take Ghana to new heights so far as Energy and petroleum is concerned.

We also recognize and we pay many respects to our Noble Chiefs who stood tall and firm behind their son with their proposal to the President His Excellency John Mahama.

We also acknowledge sincerely our President, and also his vice and all other committee members who had trust and confidence in singling Honourable Armah Kofi Buah for this distinguished mandate.

We have no doubt that he will go on to make a distinguished performance for our Nation Ghana in this particular field with which he has become very abreast and that he will, therefore, bring considerable honor to the corporation.

We the members of Nzema Youth Association and the entire citizenry of the Nzemaland are therefore, very pleased to be able to commend him to your attention and approval thereafter.

We wish him well in his tenure in office.
Nzema Youth Association
Public Relations Officer
Nuhu Mohammed
17th Jan. 2013.


His Majesty King Tackie Tawiah III was born to Madam Mary Lartey of the Asere Dzorshie Royal and Joseph Blankson Lartey a chief Spokesperson of the the Ga State and a grandson of King Tackie Tawiah I. As a child in school, Nii spent many hours playing football but his aspiration of becoming a great player was not supported by his ability. By divine assistance, however, he became a good server in the Anglican Church and enjoyed performing his duties as an alter boy. His love for singing got him into the church choir and though he was known to sing off key on occasions, this did not deter him from joining some or the local bands in Accra.

Through the influence of his firm father, Nii spent many learning days of his youth at Nai We, Sakumo We, Jaflotu We and the Royal Stool House of Abola: (the palaces of the Ga Mantse, Gbese Mantse, Abola Mantse and Lakaiman Mantse). These locations would soon become familiar territory to the young man. By such attachments, his understudying of the cultural normative of the Ga’s and their traditions also become very much enhanced. However, Lartey was happiest as a boy scout.

In that movement, he attained all the required qualifications and rose to the level of a Queen’s Scout. This attachment enabled him to lead the boy’s section of the Ghana Contingent to the Golden Jubilee Jamboree of the Boy’s Scout Movement in Warwickshire, England in 1957.

Upon his return to Ghana, he successfully secured employment with the Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board as a messenger and rose to the position of weighing supervisor before returning to England at the beginning of 1960.

While in England, Nii adopted an initial interest in optics, but due to his employment at the Ghana High Commission in London, his interest shifted to politics and law. This path of study was probably influenced by his father who had then been imprisoned for a second time under the Preventive Detention Act. The two and a half years spent at the Ghana High Commission (particularly working with Sir Edward Asafo-Adjei and the Hon. Kwesi Armarh, the High Commissioners at the time) were very rewarding and educational.
In late 1962, Nii was transferred to New York, USA, to work with the Ghana Permanent Mission to the United Nations.

During his sixteen year career at the UN, he worked in a variety of areas in the support service of the Mission. One particular area was as an Executive Officer involved in administration, finance and research. He experienced career growth while pursuing and completing a University studies simultaneously.

Upon completing his graduate studies with distinction, Nii secured six years of experience as an adjunct lecturer in Political Science and Constitutional Law at Queens College of the City University of new York and at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice also located in New York City.

Working with so many highly regarded ambassadors and accomplished Ghanaian and international diplomats further enriched Nii’s interest in politics, international relations, economics and law.

Upon returning to Ghana after numerous years abroad, Nii became assigned to the Ghana Reinsurance Organisation as a member of their Executive Management where he served for ten years. During that, he was elected Secretary General of the West African Insurance Companies Association (WAICA) for six terms. He was also a member Planning Committee that created the West African Institute and of its Governing Council for seven year. Further, he lectured in Reinsurance and Management at the Institute.

Always driven by keen interest in politics, Nii became briefly involved in the activities of the Professionals Association and joined United National Convention (UNC) at its inception. He was elected Deputy Secretary under the leadership of notable personalities such as Paa Willie, the Hon. Harry Sawyer and Dr. Obed Asamoah.

Nii was commissioned to establish and manage the Contact office of the Ghana Reinsurance Organisation in London in 1981, and was positioned there for six years. During this period, he served as the President of the London Contact Offices Association. After being redeployed by the Ghana government, Nii gained employment with Alexander Howden Insurance Brokers as an insurance Technician and later with Harris and Dixon Insurance Broker Limited. He worked them until his retirement although he remains a consultant to them to date.

Nii is currently a member of the National Development Planning and Law Reform Commission. He also serves as Board Director of Donewell Insurance Company.

Additionally, Nii has a profound interest Freemasonry and is an active member of some of the fraternity’s different organisations. Also notable is his keen fondness of horse racing which led to his membership of the Board of Stewards of the Accra Turf Club for many years.

Nii has been married to Rev. Mrs. Faustina Armuzua Blankson for forty years and they have three children: Julian, Lillian and Joel in addition to two grandchildren: Christian and Jolynn.

Dr. Jo Blankson was officially installed King Tackie Tawiah III Paramount Chief of the Ga State on the 11the June 2006.

The Sudden Demise of King Tackie Tawiah III

The Ga Mantse, Nii Tackie Tawiah III has passed away.
He died in a hospital in London in December 2012 after a short illness.
With the formal announcement of his death in Accra, a state of wailing and mourning is envisaged across the Ga State and the entire nation in the days ahead.
The Ga Dzaasetse, Nii Tetteh Kwei II, confirming the death of the 20th Ga Mantse to some journalists at a briefing Tuesday, said, “We want to say to you with all the sorrow in our hearts that a really mighty oak tree has had its roots blown off this earth.”
He said details of arrangements for the interment of the late King Tackie Tawiah, who was known in private life as Dr Jo Blankson, would be announced later.
Present at the briefing were a corps of traditional luminaries of the Ga State, including the Gbese Mantse, Nii Adu Mensah Tackie, who is also the Head of the Teiko Tsuru We; the Ga Seitse, Nii Tetteh Ashong V, and an Elder of the Ga Dzaase, Nii Tackie Komme Hammond.
According to Nii Kwei, King Tackie Tawiah was flown to London some time last year to undergo medical treatment, “but as God wanted it, he never made it”.
“We are here to let you know that the Paramount Chief of the Ga State has kicked the bucket honourably,” he said.
Rumours about the King’s passing had been rife long before he was pronounced dead by medical doctors in London, according to the Ga Dzaasetse.
Nii Kwei expressed the hope that with the formal announcement of King Tackie Tawiah’s death, the rumours would die, adding that people must learn to investigate and speak the truth at all times and not just say anything for the sake of freedom of expression.
According to Ga history, King Tackie Tawiah is the fourth Ga Mantse since 1863 to have died while on the stool.

May his Soul rest in Peace.

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