UG students threaten demonstration over accidents

Students of the University of Ghana have threatened to mountroad blocks and demonstrate on the Madina-Tetteh Quashie road after another student was knocked down and killed by a vehicle at Okponglo.

This brings number of studentswho have died on the road to three.Two female students of the university were crushed in an accident involving a taxi and a garbage truck on the same road.
The driver of the garbage truck was arrested by the Legon police and arraigned before court on Monday while the taxi driver is still in critical condition at the 37 military hospitals.

According to the President of the Student Representative Council, Edmond Kombat the first year male student was killed while crossing the road by a driver who sped off after the act.
“Clearly you know school has reopened today and students are coming back to school in their numbers, when they were coming from Osu, they alight at the Okponglo junction and then they cross.”

The second semester of the academic year started today and students are expected to start registering for the period. He stated that, “he is a level 100 medical student and as he crossed the road he was knocked down by a car. He was coming to school to start his registration for the semester.”
Reports are that, there were no police officials at the junction when the accident happened even though there have been several calls last week for provisions to be made for officers to be stationed there.

Speaking to Citi News Edmond Kombat indicated that “after the student was knocked down the driver didn’t stop and we arecalling on the authorities to immediate deploy of police officers there.” “We are mobilizing to go and block the place because we cannot tolerate this thing anymore.

Reports are that the boy is dead but doctors at the University of Ghana hospitals are telling us they will get back to us later”
By: Alhassan Rabiu/


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