WASSCE candidates asked to remove panties, sanitary pads

Reactinng to the News
WASSCE candidates asked to remove panties, sanitary pads!

_A Nation loosing its morality to sinister way of life !._
It`s barely a week after our nation was hit hard in the chest of a news which suggested that at least 34 female students of the Wesley Girls Senior High School will be dismissed for engaging in Lesbianism. The aftermath of such high level of social decadence explains that there is a severe loophole in the moral upbringing of these children, but the question is who is to  carry the bigger blame, on parents or teachers or society in general ?

As the nation ponder over solutions to these issues, boooo ! Another breaking news has it that teachers who have been contracted by the Ghana Education Service to invigilate female students sitting for their WASSCE exams have gone to the extent of asking candidates to remove their panties, brassieres and sanitary pads whiles they take advantage of them all in the full glare of their female colleagues and other male invigilators .

Such vile actions by these so called teachers and Invigilators are under the glare of senior officials from the Ghana Education Service. Here are officials who are deemed responsible and contracted by government  to handle such an important institution like the educational sector.

From all observations, it proves this Nation has become a nation whose morality has become  far worse as at now than that of countries in the western world noted to be worse in morality, yet we are always hiding under the canopies of Ghana being a “christian / religious country” and “peaceful people” yet recent way of life proves the contrary.

We expected nothing else from the Ghana Educational Service Officials but high level of discipline and moral uprightness as the saying goes “leadership by example”.  Its quite unfortunate for such acts taking space in our numerous girls schools are on the rise soo quickly and at a very high speed across the breadth and length of our country.

I am afraid but I use my words most carefully that such acts of stripping brassieres and panties, touching, smooching breasts of these young female students, as well as going to the extent of ordering them to remove their sanitary pads all in the full glare of their colleagues in the name of searching them for foreign materials to me is an act of “pornography’.
Such actions is  without a doubt an act contributing immensely to the high level of lesbianism in our Senior high Schools.

It also proves to us that these are not officials who are to be trusted to teach our young ones, especially our female students. This is an act intentionally executed to draw the attention of these innocent girls into acts which is foreign and as such to sexually corrupt their minds and body into engaging in such practices.

It pains me to say this, but seriously if this is what they are teaching/polluting our young girls at school to  “observe” and “practice” on their own, then I beg to differ but sooner or later our nation could be doomed into a number one ranking lesbian and gays state  if the necessary steps are not taken to correct these moral decadence.

We call on our top  leaders who are responsible in contracting these invigilators to as a matter of seriousness stand tall to the task and show responsibility by carrying on the necessary investigations and bringing those culpable to face the laws of the state especially the head of that institution, the headmistress of the school OLA Girls Senior High, Rev. Sister Martha Davidson under whose eyes all these acts took place.

Forgive me comrades for the mistakes as I wrote this in a rush  for fear of light off, hahahaha !!


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