Be Your Change, Your Beginning Is Never Small


Have you ever reached a position in life where you feel you are a loser, a situation that depicts that your life is gradually becoming useless, left all alone, so reserved that you feel and know that you can never achieve or reach something meaningful. I have been at this stage before and know how sad and painful it feels to be left back crawling whiles others are running ahead and being who they really wants to be.

Such sadness about your state of the world as a woman and your everyday problems signals recognition that things can be otherwise, differences can be made and hope persists.


Be your change! This is what should know; every woman is born with an inbuilt ability to influence her life and the behavior of others with or without resistance, and regardless of their own wishes and interest. The ability that makes actions possible and bring into reality your dreams. I call it POWER WITHIN: self-awareness, self-confidence and esteem which enables people to influence their own life, ability to make decisions and find solutions to effect change. Every woman needs to conscientize herself with this and bring herself to realize that there is a greater ability in her to effect change in her life.

These are some few steps that will cause your turning point in being your change:



This is the very beginning of your change, recognize your problem and feel that things can change. Critically assess yourself and know what your key issue is. This is the stage you need to organise and describe your problem and you need to be critical.


STEP 2: RE-CHANGE (your commitment day)

FOCUS (F- Follow, O-One, C-Course, U-Until, S-Something happens). Focus on changing your mind-set. Abolish the confession of these statements “I can’t”, “why am I always wrong”, “life is never better with me”. Think positive, say to yourself “I can do it”, “my issues are small and can be solved”. Stay positive and focus on your mind set because your mind controls the entire body.



It is never too late to refresh and plan your life. Make an effort; you are better late than never trying. Plan your life with or without opportunities. Bring your dreams into reality; take a step coz that’s where success and life begins.



You have assessed your life; take a look at your physical and spiritual life. Anything you tried and failed, re-invest and awaken it again. Keep moving on, keep trying and you will surely get to the top. Be determined and strive through the entire dusty and rough path.



Don’t be reserved, bring yourself out, be positive always even if the situation looks bad, tell yourself that it is well with your soul confess to yourself always that “I am my change”, I can do it and I am the best woman ever to be encountered in the world with no doubt. This will conscientize your thought to help you remain positive. You are worthy and priceless so far as you are a woman.


You are beautiful and have all the capabilities you need to cause change to make your life glorious. Shook youself the attitude of being inferior, timid and lackadaisical. Drop it today! And say to yourself that hey am beautiful, my life is worth it, my world is glorious and I have all it takes thus the confidence and esteem to be recognised and developed. Empower yourself.



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