The sun bathing Lizard

I noticed this lizard up on a tree enjoying what looked like a sun bathe. Quickly and discreetly, I picked up my camera. Here is the picture finally.


The gods are angry

credit: Emmanuel Bobbie Photography

credit: Emmanuel Bobbie Photography

The gods of Ghana are most angered on  the arrests of what might be some innocent asylum seeking  Bawku residents in Accra fleeing  fighting there who are labeled as the  arsons behind Ghana`s recent fire  disasters.

This unfortunate arrests by the police in efforts to do  everything possible to  justify the so called “arson attacks” as  the cause of the numerous fire disaster  claim by His Excellency John Mahama, President of our Republic in recent times.

They have labeled these “innocent” Bawku residents as the men behind the fire disasters in Ghana. For four days now these innocent men are in police custody without any official charge, a very grave infringement on their basic human rights.

This trend has been the order of the day, blame shifting; our elders are best at it, instead of finding solutions they prefer shifting it to the vulnerable.

Invitation by our leaders of American experts into Ghana to help us establish the causes of the fire outbreaks has hardened our luck to solutions. Not even the arrests of these labeled Arsons could stop the fire outbreaks, as of today the nation was lightened again one at Kumasi Suame Magazine Market, the other Letap Jewellers at Accra.

The gods are angry with the wicked, our wicked Church elders, and our wicked system of governance, the gods are indeed angry over our wicked faced and iron fist politicians. Recent disasters explicitly affirms this.

The same truth is affirmed and implied by numerous spiritualists across our nation, I am therefore re-echoing what has been prophesied.

Let our politicians remember that this is a sign from the Supreme Master over His anger on how the poor are abandoned and suppressed to utter poverty and grave hardship in this nation. You shall be disgraced in the face of nations, your wicked ways will never be hidden, and your best to conceal our sufferings through minute by minute propaganda will never work.

To the youth of Ashaiman, your actions are very much justifiable. I say big salutes to you, the nature of your anger demands immediate attention, and as it seems it is only violence that will spark up the brains of these robots, the next time you hear of voting time you should think twice before stepping out of your door step.

There are lessons to be learnt. Wicked men in political governance are entirely unreasonable. Their conduct is at war with all reason and with all right. God has given them intelligence and conscience; but they act in opposition to both. God has given them a pure and good law, yet this they recklessly violate. Hence their conduct is in every point of view utterly unreasonable. Ghana is suffering brutally because of them; whiles they live heaven on earth at the peril of the poor.

O politicians, you have ruin the Mercy of Allah on his people, abused his mercy well-nigh to the last moment of endurance.
O how soon will His wrath break forth against the politicians themselves, and not anymore the poor.

Who on this point can gainsay what I speak. I speak of truth without fear of men, in fact “A man on the ground cannot fall any longer” (Africa Proverb). In this few words I rest my case, let them read and listen these are words of wisdom !
sultan mdnuhu