My first air trip

I have never flown before in my life up until Tuesday July 16, 2013. My first experience with flying have been good and felt I should share what I went through.
I should add that I am very happy to have experienced this in person, and at least all the exaggerations in thoughts of flight travel that I had been informed by friends through conversations has all ready become a thing of the past. Experience they say is the best teacher ^_^.

My travel with a flight I must admit was not a pre-planned thing,  it was an impromptu circumstance which necessitated the take of that decision. At last the embarking hour came when I least expected it.

I was somewhat nervous before that hour, in someways happiness and some nervous about the procedures of Airport as it was indeed my very foremost time am traveling for the first.In fact this is my first  domestic travel. Which was from Accra to Takoradi and same route Again upon return, Takoradi to Accra.

I familiarized myself with Kotoka Intl  airport while I had about forty minutes to kill. I sat down pulled out my phone and got online for a little bit.
At about 20 minutes to fly, I went for check in where my ticked was examined and my small bag was searched but not thoroughly.

When I was in the queue to get on board  they announced exactly what was going to happen and the staff guys came over to the boarding door. They did an inspection of boarding passes entering the plane.
Upon boarding the plane you have overhead compartments that you can shove your things into, as well as the space underneath the seat in front of you.

The flight attendants then explained the safety features of the plane (where to exit, what happens if the cabin looses pressure, etc.). At this point the pilot came over the speaker system, he made us aware the estimated arrival and weather condition.
On take-off the plane rushes down the runway at a very quick pace and the next thing I observed was a steady lift off the runway. The Take off was a little scary since I have never flown before but it was fun though.

Flying is a wonderful quick way to go, about some minutes after successful lift off, the pilot informed us of the distance at which we were flying and I also noticed how closer I was to the clouds, and I was happy I sat most close to the window, it was most beautiful scene ever and I wish I could have touched the clouds.

I must also add that the scariest moment in the air was when I felt some little turbulence each time we went through a thick very whitish clouds.

My time in the sky lasted for 30 good minutes before Landing. As soon as the plane touched down I felt the brakes kick in and the plane slows down very quick. With tough speed it steadily slows more until its final stop.

Most importantly, I really enjoyed my first trip with a  flight and I could not afford not to take pictures, you don’t get to see cloud formations like this very often.
hey also don`t be shy to ask anyone on site to help you snap some beautiful pictures for you. It pays to seek assistance.
Thank yo for your time with me.


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