Lip Service Leaders

What is good about Ghana`s economy that they wont allow us to have our peace of mind?, while countries are working hard for success we are counting our broken eggs. They claim we are one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, but does it reflect in the pocket of the ordinary person like you and I ? Step out of Africa and you will see we are millions of years behind development.

In fact when I hear our president boasting to other nations that Ghana is one of the fastest growing economies, and our inflation rate has dropped to a single digit, I swear I feel soo much ashamed.

The President`s negative tactics of concealing and failing to declare realities in Ghana means subjecting the Nation into mockery. Look if we don’t reform our way of thinking and how we do politics wallahe, then it means we may never get there.
It`s a shame for our nation which for more than 4years in an  intense energy crises, the electricity crises worsens non stop, on daily basis without any pragmatic solutions. The only solution our leaders seems to offer is only `lip service solutions`.
where are we heading to O mama Ghana !


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