Ethnic Conflicts in Ghana`s North

In recent years, Kokombas, Dagombas, and other groups in the Northern region of Ghanahave fought a series of “wars” that cost thousands of lives – a devastating toll in a region with a little over 1.8 million people.
The sporadic fighting has become more frequent , intense and wider in scope since 1980s and the destruction of lives and properties more widerspread.By official counts, the Kokonba-Bimoba wars of 1984, 1986 and 1989 left 60 people dead, with several hundreds displaced. The Nawuri-Gonja war of 1991 left 78 dead and hundreds wounded. Other wars  that took heavy toll on lives in  the same  region includes the Gonja-Vagla war of 1980; the Kokomba-Nanumba war of 1981; the Mmpusi-Kusasi  war of 1982; Kokomba-Bimoba  war of 1986/87; the Konkomba-Nawuri war of 1990; the Gonja-Nawuri war of 1992;the Konkomba and allies against Gonja in 1992; the Konkombas and Mossis war in 1993. Finally  the 1994/95 Guinea Fowl War in which modern weapons such as AK47s were widely used, resulted in at  least 2,000 people killed, 200.000 internally displaced and 441 villages completely destroyed. 
In recent years, such sporadic attacks are on the increase despite the heavy presence of combined military and police bases around these fragile towns.
The hope and dreams of every Northner and the entire Nation is to see lasting peace in this region. With the election of a Northner as President of this country we hope he will do all it takes to bring this dreams into reality once and for all. 

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