Pokuase and Its satellite Towns Cry Over Bad Roads as Authorities Stay Unconcerned.

Deteriorated Road

Deteriorated Road

Residents of Pokuase and its satellite towns which includes Katapor, Teacher Kope, Afiaman, Abensu, Stadium junction, Mayera, Adusah among others in the Ga West Municipality are expressing dissatisfaction over the severely poor state of roads in their communities and what they say is the failure of the Member of Parliament, Moses Anim and the Municipal Chief Executive, Sam Atukwei Quaye to address the issue.
They grimaced at the very shoddy nature by which road contractors assigned to these towns carry out their works, as well as the failure by city authorities to act in providing solutions as the situation continued to soar. Residents are forced to use this same road for several years now, as a result, they have to pay more in transportation costs as some drivers of public-passenger vehicles are wary of venturing into the communities for fear of damages to their vehicles.For years one could observe that very little had been done by the city authorities to relieve residents of their social woes.”We are suffering,” said resident, Philip Ameyaw.”I have lived in this area for more than 9 years, and this is the worst condition I have ever seen the road. From here to work, it is terrible. We have to pay more than necessary to get in and out of the community; at nights we have to pay more, and most often we suffer a lot before getting vehicles to our destinations.”
“The MP and the MCE, they live in this area even though different places, we voted the MP into power because, since he lived here we thought he will be the best to help us, I have seen him almost every week in the community. Look at the condition of the roads! Good God! It is a total disgrace! And to think that we have to wait another two or three years before they call elections for anything to be done to it is sickening,” Philip added.
Mr. Awuku, a firefighter who lives in Abensu, said his major concern was that in the event of a fire outbreak in any of the residence of these communities, the response unit would find it most difficult or worse not be able to get into the community.

“The MP is responsible for around here, and since he has won the election, we haven’t seen him up and doing, he offers no representation to this constituency. We need some better roads. I’m a firefighter, and it bothers me to know that we can’t come around here to save any houses if there is fire because of the terrible road conditions,” he said.
People in the communities expressed concern that residents in need of urgent medical attention were also being adversely affected.

“Even the other day when I had to take my wife to the hospital, as she was having a baby, it took us nearly 40minutes to get out of this area, whereas if we had better roads, it would be a mere 13 minutes drive. I was in so much anguish because we needed to get to the hospital fast, and the terrible roads were delaying us,” –Michael Fiase A resident at Adusah Quarters said.

MP. Hon. Moses Anim and Representative of the MCE

MP. Hon. Moses Anim and Representative of the MCE

Earlier in January this year, the Member of Parliament Mr. Moses Anim assured residents of Abensu who were celebrating the one year anniversary of their residents Association that the road linking Afiaman to Mayera had to be postponed and awarded to a different contractor due to the shoddy nature at which the immediate contractor carried out its work.

The representative of the Metropolitan Chief Executive at the event, also re-echoed the same point the roads had been awarded on contract and assured residents of the assembly’s commitment to work and improve the general conditions within the metropolis.  Since that promise was made residents are yet to see it materialize whiles their plight soars.

Most sections of the road poorly asphalted were completely eroded as if nothing ever existed on it. Huge potholes were also visible, while in some areas, large chunks of the road had also developed huge craters caused by the recent rain fall due to the unavailability of gutters. Several motorists were also seen gingerly trying to avoid the holes.

Unhappy drivers are calling on the authorities to prioritise and improve the condition of the roads in the areas. Irate motorists are also accusing the Council of not using its resources to maintain roads. “Due to the bad roads, several people in the communities are also suffering because we have to charge sometimes more and sometimes we have to turn back at a certain point where the conditions are so bad, we cannot proceed any further,” they said.

Residents of these areas of which I`m a proud member should know that this is not about politics. Both MP and MCE have to consider the importance of these roads, and at their educational level we expect them to know the importance of having a good road network in such business centered communities, so why have they not done anything appreciable for the welfare of these very communities?.
We are very concerned about this road, it is in a deplorable condition, and these are the main roads that takes us to our various communities and homes, it certainly needs a good deal of attention.
We call on both the Member of Parliament and the Municipal Chief Executive to provide much better response to the plight of the communities.
– Sultan Nuhu Mohammed, a concerned resident.


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