Fuel shortages, the least worry of our Government

It’s evident that had our leaders been truthful and wise and clever in the least ways. Our nation would have stood up tall among nations, and it would have been a Paradise  on earth. Up until present despite the  numerous discoveries and the exploitations of so many of our precious God given resources, the nation rather drifts deeper into the arms of poverty.

  The plight of our nation rather worsens from day to day as our same heartless and insensitive President and his apparently weak minded advisors continue to heap curses disguised in the forms of taxes upon taxes upon we the citizens with its severe consequences on the poor majority of this country. And also painful is the  scrapping of every bit of subsidy on all  goods and services meant to assist the purchasing power of the  people.

  As it stands today, the artificial shortages of fuel in this moment of our time where the discovery and drilling  of large commercial quantity of Crude oil at our own shores are ongoing at this very moment as I type becomes very questionable since our status as an oil producing nation could not even salvage the situation and for weeks the nation is still thirsty for fuel to keep it going.

  So we ask, what benefits at all does our nation gain  from the exploitation of all of its resources if we still continue limping in the annals of poverty?.
It looks like leadership today has become a looting spree venture for selfish and insensitive politicians who at all cost ensure they rig elections to gain access to our state resources for their selfish gains.

  Due to this, the effectiveness  and credibility of our electoral supervising body as well as the  Ghanaian parliament has  become very questionable. If most of these dubious deals including some of which are very fraudulent were stamped and passed by this very house which is supposed to be the able body protecting the good interest of our nation goes freely without any hindrances as to its dubious nature then it certainly proves me absolutely right should I define some of the attitude of our leaders as “criminal” in its form.

  It’s in this light that makes many of us not to doubt at all that Ghana is indeed one of the worlds most corrupt country second  to Nigeria.
Meaning which ever place Nigeria falls in the world’s index of corrupt countries, Ghana will be second to it. If you may doubt me yet, I suggest you refer to some of the Master revelations by the now nicknamed Citizen Vigilante Martin Amidu (Former Attorney General) as well as other “sickening” revelations which came up during the numerous sittings of the enquiry body set up to investigate the numerous fraudulent judgement debts awarded dubiously by government to its accomplices.

  With all these cases of misappropriation, favourytism, cronies-ism, nepotism, and embezzlements done with impunity in today’s day and time  my beef is, Ghana’s parliament is it a house of fraud or serious governance ?
I personally think it’s time we impeach our head of state for all these rot under his watchful eyes and supervision because it’s so heart arching  to see all these problems arise from time to time all due to corruption and greed as he continue to heap misery upon misery onto our nation.
Government should not be immune from the laws of our state.
Peace !
Sultan md Nuhu


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