Take a Look. Salaries of Govt Ministers Under Pres. John Mahama

Salaries and Allowances of government Ministers under President John Dramani  Mahama as at now July 2014. NB: if any of our ministers should disagree with these figures let him come out to disagree.

. Basic Salary – GHS 10,000.

. Duty allowance – 50% of basic salary = GHS 5,000.

. Special allowance – 30% of basic salary = GHS 3,000.

. Entertainment allowance – 35% of basic salary = GHS 3,500.

. Wardrobe allowance – 10% of basic salary = GHS 1,000

Grand Total Per a minister  = GHC22,500.

Other benefits include:

*45 gallons of fuel a week.
*Fully Furnished Accommodations
*One 4X4 cross country Land Cruiser
*One luxury saloon car
*One Chauffeur
*One Cook
*One Gardner
*One Steward
*One Security
*Police Escort

Ex-gratia of GHC400,000.
This is how much you and I as tax payers are paying for the almost 100 ministers President Mahama has appointed.
Despite the heavy economic crises our nation is going through amidst unprecedented corruption level among senior officials  the president seems to care less, no empathy for us whiles he continue to bombard us with taxes upon taxes.
Unfortunately this is the price we are paying for, gross incompetencies.
We are being taken for a ride by these small group of political “elite”. Since we as a nation have decided to sit idle whiles we continue to limp in poverty they shall continue championing miseries to our kitchens. God bless our homeland Ghana.


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