Sober on these Testing times

When people are going through certain tests in life, those who advise them tend to forget to be sensitive to their situation.

Many times, I’ve heard/read people say things along the lines of: “Well the people of so and so country are going through much worse so stop being so sad and get over it.”

Of course, the people of Gaza and Syria are going through such a great test. Our hearts ache for them, and our eyes shed tears, because we cannot bear to watch those children being slaughtered and killed, we cannot phathom the inhumane oppression our family are facing. Sometimes as I go about my daily routine, I break into tears because the images of those poor children creep into my mind or because something reminds me of them. Their pain is our pain. 

At the same time, alongside with this hurt we are feeling for our brothers and sisters, we will also be facing our own personal tests. Tests which are uniquely designed for us. Tests which may amount to nothing for you, but for me, it may be a hardship in my eyes. Like riding a boat along crashing waves in a stormy night.

Be gentle. Be wise. Be soft in your advice to people. When your fellow brother or sister comes to you for advice and consolement, they do so, because they want you to understand their situation and comfort them through reminding them kindly, not by making them feel worse and more guilty about their situation.

Remind them of people worse off than them, but do so in a gentle manner, and only once you have shown them that you are sincerely concerned for them and once you have showed empathy to their feelings.
Be gentle like a feather; soft and beautiful.

May Allah remove the suffering of the Muslims in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Africa, Afghanistan and in all parts off the world, ameen.


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