Albert Einstein`s Letter; Jewish State

Albert Einstein (d. 1955), the famous physicist, was a German Jew who sought political asylum in America when Hitler came to power.

Although initially a supporter of Zionism, he became increasingly vocal in his criticism of what was happening in Palestine, especially after the Deir Yassin massacre of 1948.

In this letter, he warns that if a catastrophe should befall the the Jews of Israel, it would be the fault of the British (for causing the whole fiasco in the first place!), and also the fault of the terrorist organizations from within the Jewish ranks.

Those initial ‘terrorist organizations’ eventually became the governments of Israel. Menachem Begin is one of the most prominent examples of this; in his younger years he killed British soldiers and Arab civilians in terrorist raids, but eventually he became the Prime Minister of Israel. He also unfortunately won the Noble Peace Price in the year 1978.


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