Foreigners way of rule “Democracy” Chop make I come Chop some. Has it helped ?

The laws are there, the problem is the enforcement of the laws. Despite our economic situation, if we can achieve 80% enforcement of laws on the statue books we will be a far better country. Enforcing the law is a leadership matter, it is an executive matter. Its is no a matter of just this government but it is over the period.

There are people who are being paid to exercise that executive function, do they do it ? No because they will loose votes if they are to implement them as the laws states. What do they do then ? They leave their duties and rather engage in propaganda to deceive the general populace, amidst the rate of social and environmental deterioration they are stuck between doing  what is right and loosing power should they do what is right.

This has been the order of the day, government upon government and the situation still stands worsening from time to time. We have chosen democracy as the way forward, but is this the democracy we have been promised? No, this is the dirty aspect of what an abuse of democracy exactly looks like. As a country of people being governed by the few who have shown they care less, and amidst this democratic system we as citizens who are at the receiving end still have thousands of options to liberate ourselves and make sure True Democracy becomes the order of the day.

As a country, we need a drastic but simple plan. Radicalism is often not an accepted way of ensuring things are done, but in most cases in Africa it has worked magic. After all, we can’t be using old methods and be expecting different results. It doesn’t work that way! Until we rise up to save democracy, democracy will be seen as the most unfortunate system of governance ever to be adopted by us. !


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