Reflecting with my Nzema Brethren on Celebrating Dr. Kwame Nkrumah`s Legacies



Appreciative it is, to dedicate a single day and adorn it as a celebration day, a day for recognition and reflection on the Great Legacies and Memories of the Great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, first President of our country Ghana.

As you are aware it is exactly the One-hundred and fifth`s birthday celebration of the Nation`s hero which is also celebrated continental, as well globally as The World Peace Day.

I`m inquiring, does anyone of us think it is worth the celebration as a youth of Nzema? Taking into account how the State has deliberately denigrated his Great ideas and his developmental plans meant to usher this Nation into the hub of Greatness as a Proper Developed Country. 

Do you think it is worth the participation as a Youth of Nzema knowing very well that this kind of celebration is only taking place on the internet and in the state run and private media houses as against what should have been a much proper and befitting celebration which should at least reflect even in the least good way in his own birth place, the Historical Nkroful. 

Another question comes to mind, whether we as a Nation are celebrating Nkrumah on the bases that he just deserves to be celebrated as a Great man and the First President of the Republic of Ghana and that`s all?

My O my! Let us take a glance at Ghana so far and the Youth of Nzema today, take a glance again and reflect deeper and then ask yourself if our government is ready to empower the Youth of Nzema and for that matter all other youths to embrace us as partners in progress, in the developmental process of this country? I would like you to answer this yourselves. 

Today as our nation says it is celebrating Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, let us begin our discussion from the very and only hometown of the man, Nkroful.
For those of us who are from that area, I bring to your attention that Nkroful is at its worst state ever, this historic town is under most serious threat of complete extermination through mining by Adamus Resources Ltd and other illegal Galamsey operators.

This significantly important Historic Heritage town has been deprived of significant infrastructural development for decades, deprived of development in all aspects, now all we see in ourselves as youth is almost tantamount to total misery, we have no proper hope for a better life tomorrow, all we rely on is to “destroy” our lands for a living, engaging in galamsey (illegal mining) for survival and we ask ourselves for how long will it continue so?

Leadership in Nzema, talk of our various Paramount Chiefs and their sub-chiefs as well as representatives of the people in government, the numerous assemblymen, the District and Municipal Chief Executives have become the biggest disappointment as they have proven to us they only care about their selfish interests whiles representing us.

They have remained very silent as these seemingly “uncivilized” miners ravage this great historical heritage town for its gold minerals.
Is this the kind of celebration we should involve ourselves in? after we have known plainly the very covert hatred meted out to this great man and his visions and our motherland?

Do you wish the Youth of Nzema today to be happy and joyous in joining this so called celebration whiles the grave yard of the very mother of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Ɛmɔ  Nyaniba Ngonloma is caving-in, waiting for complete collapse due to the in-action of the State to come to its rescue?  Whiles this same State claims to be celebrating Kwame Nkrumah, this attitude can only be described as than mockery on his great job for Ghana`s independence.

Yet again, I entreat you all to visit the very historic home of the man and you will know there is nothing to cry home about, absolutely nothing.
But before embarking on your journey to Nkroful, let me assure you of another fact on the ground, it is a caution to pregnant women and others who have problems with their spinal cord or suffering from waste pains, because it might get even worse whiles driving on a less than 8KM road from Essiama to Nkroful and other far worst roads from other surrounding towns linking Nkroful, like that from Saloma through Aluku to Teleku Bokazo to Nkroful, and others linking Nkroful from Assasetre and Anwia.

All roads leading to the town itself is most shameful as it stands today, and you would want us to believe this is the kind of leadership who shows appreciation and love for the legacies and profess to be celebrating the memory of Nkrumah? Like Seriously?
These are few of the good reasons why I would want a complete abstinence by the youth of Nzema from this sham of celebration to show our disgust towards the State for its blatant neglect of Nkroful and its people today.

At Nzema or Nkroful today, the government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Youth Authority has not given any significant subventions and financial support as being stated in the Ghana Youth Authority`s Policy and the African Union Youth Charter to organize developmental and leadership programmes for youths in Ghana, let alone the corporate organizations who are to invest their corporate social responsibility on their immediate community, which we the youths form a larger percentage of the population.

If our government and various stakeholders fail to perform their responsibilities, then to put the record straight, this event will be nothing but a waste of time and waste of saliva on our airwaves and a waste of ink in our print media.
Today, amidst these unfortunate state of Nkroful and our complaints, we had our District Chief Executive who had the guts to come on Adom FM to lie through his teeth that all is perfectly well contrary to people`s complaints that Nkroful is in a deplorable state.
This attitude of doing propaganda with everything, if not checked will only bring acrimony, hinder purposeful sensitization for the upliftment of Nkroful and Nzema as a whole, promote illiteracy, encourage gangster-ism and foster insecurity in the our district.
I feel saddened seeing my colleagues wandering around without a direction while the state and its officials cares only to do propaganda and mere politics.

Nkrumah will forever be who he was, the Greatest Hero of the Millennium to Africans and the World over.

Yet again let me ask this question. “Have we ever as a Nation thought of implementing his visionary ideologies in full which as we have come to the realization, is the way forward despite being a century old?”
And the answer from the lips of most of us is definitely “TWEAAA”!

Just as it is worth celebrating this great man, it should be done in the most befitting way which should bring about proper blessings to the people of Nzema and Ghana as a whole rather than what we are witnessing today.

Until we realize it’s time for us as youth to form and present a United front, we will never make a heard way, especially if all we do is to lay complaint upon complaints whiles TIME waits for none of us and the situation deteriorates.
A celebration of the Great Legacies of Nkrumah Indeed!
Long Live Nzema
Long Live Nkrumah-ism
Forward Ever

-Sultan Nuhu Mohammed

 Errm …..Allo` Allow me to leave in your memory some of the current pictures of the state of the Roads there before I forget.

 Perhaps Video footage will also prove me more true right. Pictures they say “no dey lie”.
All pictures and videos are by courtesy members of the Nzema Youth Association

Here video ONE

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Here Video TWO

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Post by Nzema Youth Association.

Thank you for your time with me here. PEACE & FORWARD EVER !

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