Funeral Posters

These days we see a lot of Funeral Posters in town with numerous inscriptions. But one which draws attention is the very well bold headings such as, “Gone Too Soon”, “What A Shock”, “Glorious Exit”, “OH Death Why?”, “Heavenly Ascension”, “Away to Jesus”, “Death You Are Wicked”, “Glorious Call” “Gone Too Soon” among others.

I`m of the view that we show much realism if its necessary that we paste such posters at all. Instead of all the above inscriptions why don`t we try out this;
*”Exited To His/Her Lord For Judgement”,
*”Called Upon To Account For A Life Lived” etc etc

This is the reality, this is the reality of mankind dieing. After death the Holy Books says there comes nothing else except judgement ! Today also, I was awaken by lousy sirens from Ambulances conveying dead bodies!
Good morning.


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