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Nature truly satisfies my soul. You should know by now that I like it always this way, every little piece of nature and that’s what makes me happy inside.




The Muslim communities of Afiaman, Abensu, Mayera and Adusah all suburbs of Pokuase in the Ga west Municipality have successfully installed their first ever Zongo chief.


The colourful celebration was graced by the National Chief Imam of Ghana His Eminence sheikh Nuhu Sharubutu, the  member of Parliament for Trobu Constituency Hon. Moses Anim, Traditional rulers of the area, assembly members of the area, respected Religious leaders from the municipality as well as security agents which included high profile officers from both The Ghana Police Service and the Ghana National Fire Service.


The addresses of all dignitaries who spoke at the installation ceremony centred on the need for peace and tolerance as well as making education for both male and female children our topmost priority. They wished the newly installed Zongo Chief Allah’s Guidance.




Beneath the muck and the haze from a nearby smoking dump lies the Odaw River, sluggishly carrying an untold volume of plastic waste, garbage and human excrement to the Korle Lagoon and on to the sea. On the low-lying lands along the river’s edge is Old Fadama, Ghana’s largest slum, home to some 80,000 people. Copyright:Photo Nyani Quarmyne

Rapid population growth and urbanization have resulted in poor environmental conditions in most urban settlements in Ghana. Solid waste disposal in particular has become a daunting task for the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in this country. Even though appreciable portions of internally generated and common funds of most Assemblies go into waste management, our streets and gutters are filled with rubbish which makes the environment very dirty as well serving as breeding grounds for hundreds of illnesses.

It is undeniable that good waste management practice every where is known to provide a better living environment and reduce the risks of health hazards. It is also an essential factor contributing to productivity and welfare for the people.

The challenge facing most Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAS) in Ghana today is how to provide adequate disposal facilities effectively to handle the large volumes of waste generated. While cities in the developed countries have generally overcome the problem of waste accumulation and now grapple with finding appropriate methods of treatment and disposal, cities in the developing country are still grappling with the basic problem of waste accumulation as well as its disposal. Ghana has not been an exception. My question to city authorities is that if they are truly concerned with the safety of our environment then what prevents them from acquiring the necessary knowledge in technical know how from nations which have already conquered the problems of poor disposal and handling of waste? What is preventing them from adopting same methods and strategies in combating our waste disposal problems? This is the question on my mind for this week.
This was inspired by an article on the Guardian titled

This is not a good place to live’: inside Ghana’s dump for electronic waste

-Sultan Nuhu
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One thing that our notorious judges should understand is that, they can not continue to free these thieves who are wrecking our nation together with their accomplice, recent notorious politians and their political parties.

Indeed most of us saw this day coming, we all hail from this county and both history and recent happenings in our houses of law indicates how these corrupt judges are helping in the fall of Ghana into the sewage drains.

The Freed State Thieve Alfred Agbesi Wayome , and his cohorts, the likes of Betty Mould Iddrisu then Attorney General, Ebo Barton Oduro Deputy Speaker of Parliament , the political parties and their agents who aided this thief and especially the judges who shamelessly set him loose etc. will go down in history as `GHANA`S MOST NOTORIOUS LEGENDARY THIEVES` of our time.

We have known them to be people with a forever notoriously corrupt mindset who lack morality in all aspects of life who have no idea that corruption is socially destructive and this attitude of thieveries with impunity is destroying our future and the future of our dear motherland.

We have known them to be people with a forever notoriously corrupt mindset who lack morality in all aspects of life who have no idea that corruption is socially destructive and this is destroying our future and the future of our dear motherland.

To hell with these corrupt these corrupt leaders and judges of our time, who know nothing except acquitting and discharging state thieves, they are indeed the big enemies of our democracy.

The Supreme Leader, Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenei addresses the youth of the West in an unprecedented message. The full letter is shown below:

IMG_4198In the name of God, the Beneficent the Merciful

To the Youth in Europe and North America,

The recent events in France and similar ones in some other Western countries have convinced me to directly talk to you about them. I am addressing you, [the youth], not because I overlook your parents, rather it is because the future of your nations and countries will be in your hands; and also I find that the sense of quest for truth is more vigorous and attentive in your hearts.

I don’t address your politicians and statesmen either in this writing because I believe that they have consciously separated the route of politics from the path of righteousness and truth.

I would like to talk to you about Islam, particularly the image that is presented to you as Islam. Many attempts have been made over the past two decades, almost since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, to place this great religion in the seat of a horrifying enemy. The provocation of a feeling of horror and hatred and its utilization has unfortunately a long record in the political history of the West.

Here, I don’t want to deal with the different phobias with which the Western nations have thus far been indoctrinated. A cursory review of recent critical studies of history would bring home to you the fact that the Western governments’ insincere and hypocritical treatment of other nations and cultures has been censured in new historiographies.

The histories of the United States and Europe are ashamed of slavery, embarrassed by the colonial period and chagrined at the oppression of people of color and non-Christians. Your researchers and historians are deeply ashamed of the bloodsheds wrought in the name of religion between the Catholics and Protestants or in the name of nationality and ethnicity during the First and Second World Wars. This approach is admirable.

By mentioning a fraction of this long list, I don’t want to reproach history; rather I would like you to ask your intellectuals as to why the public conscience in the West awakens and comes to its senses after a delay of several decades or centuries. Why should the revision of collective conscience apply to the distant past and not to the current problems? Why is it that attempts are made to prevent public awareness regarding an important issue such as the treatment of Islamic culture and thought?

You know well that humiliation and spreading hatred and illusionary fear of the “other” have been the common base of all those oppressive profiteers. Now, I would like you to ask yourself why the old policy of spreading “phobia” and hatred has targeted Islam and Muslims with an unprecedented intensity. Why does the power structure in the world want Islamic thought to be marginalized and remain latent? What concepts and values in Islam disturb the programs of the super powers and what interests are safeguarded in the shadow of distorting the image of Islam? Hence, my first request is: Study and research the incentives behind this widespread tarnishing of the image of Islam.

My second request is that in reaction to the flood of prejudgments and disinformation campaigns, try to gain a direct and firsthand knowledge of this religion. The right logic requires that you understand the nature and essence of what they are frightening you about and want you to keep away from.

I don’t insist that you accept my reading or any other reading of Islam. What I want to say is: Don’t allow this dynamic and effective reality in today’s world to be introduced to you through resentments and prejudices. Don’t allow them to hypocritically introduce their own recruited terrorists as representatives of Islam.

Receive knowledge of Islam from its primary and original sources. Gain information about Islam through the Qur’an and the life of its great Prophet. I would like to ask you whether you have directly read the Qur’an of the Muslims. Have you studied the teachings of the Prophet of Islam and his humane, ethical doctrines? Have you ever received the message of Islam from any sources other than the media?

Have you ever asked yourself how and on the basis of which values has Islam established the greatest scientific and intellectual civilization of the world and raised the most distinguished scientists and intellectuals throughout several centuries?

I would like you not to allow the derogatory and offensive image-buildings to create an emotional gulf between you and the reality, taking away the possibility of an impartial judgment from you. Today, the communication media have removed the geographical borders. Hence, don’t allow them to besiege you within fabricated and mental borders.

Although no one can individually fill the created gaps, each one of you can construct a bridge of thought and fairness over the gaps to illuminate yourself and your surrounding environment. While this preplanned challenge between Islam and you, the youth, is undesirable, it can raise new questions in your curious and inquiring minds. Attempts to find answers to these questions will provide you with an appropriate opportunity to discover new truths.

Therefore, don’t miss the opportunity to gain proper, correct and unbiased understanding of Islam so that hopefully, due to your sense of responsibility toward the truth, future generations would write the history of this current interaction between Islam and the West with a clearer conscience and lesser resentment.

Seyyed Ali Khamenei

21st January 2015.


Speak the Truth even if your voice shakes – Prophet Muhammad

I am guided by the words, warnings and guidelines of the Most High Allah and His  Ultimate Prophet and Messenger Mohammed(Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him).

Intimidation will not stop us. Despite what we are, we are serving as an inspiration for Muslims who claim to be custodians of the truth but increasingly don’t dare speak out for fear of repercussions in a nation which is fast becoming a nation hijacked by some minute section of its citizens, these political terrorists suppressive  as they are claim to act in the interest of all as they subject us into the annals of poverty, selling us to neocolonialist  institutions the likes of IMF who seeks not our welfare at all.  I know something is wrong and to keep silent is to side with evil against the Creator and His Messengers.

Allah tells us in His Glorious Book “Consider the flight of time! Verily man is bound to lose himself, unless he be of those who attain to faith, and do good works and enjoin upon one another the keeping to truth, and enjoin upon one another patience in adversity.” (Quran 103:1-3)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): “Speak the truth even if it be against yourself, speak the truth even if it is bitter.”

“The general rule with regards to the truth is that the heart should be inclined towards God, His commandments and the realities while the rule with regards to falsehood is that the heart should be averse to things that are prohibited and related to other than God, and the interior should be kept away from dirty and impure carnal attachments,” Sayyid Ali Akber Sadaaqat writes in Anecdotes of Reflection.

In this time of rampant worldwide oppression, where webs of lies, deception and falsehoods permeate the media airwaves, propagandists belonging to all these various political missions and their political debates in order to justify the continued exploitation of the masses, it is essential we fulfill our obligation to expose the truth about the realities of this country and the world.

Imam Ali once said: “Know that – may God have mercy on you – you are living at a time when those who speak about right are few, when tongues are loath to utter the truth and those who stick to the right are humiliated. The people of this time are engaged in disobedience…their learned men are hypocrites, and their speakers are sycophants.”

God inspires us to speak the truth to power by giving us examples of heroes throughout history who persevered and attained victory despite being mocked, shunned and attacked by the establishment, much as truth-tellers are today.