Our African governments should take drastic steps in ensuring that the Jacob Zumah`s administration of South Africa is pressured to stamp out this well calculated movement of xenophobic attacks on fellow Africans.

This has not been the first time such barbaric act is being done, and it looks like it has become an annual festivity for the blood thirsty South African ignorant king Goodwill Zwelithini and its ignorant and ungrateful black people.

This disgusting and evil scourge of xenophobia that is constantly simmering in South Africa in this century is most shameful on South Africans and the leadership of the ruling ANC government especially considering its history and the unceasing contributions it received from other African countries during their fight for freedom from Apartheid.
South Africans cannot forget so soon of the immense support they received from the so called “foreigners” they have gone rampage against during their dark days.

South Africans must not forget that, everyone is a foreigner in another country, and just as they are attacking foreigners, they must equally keep in mind that there are thousands of their citizens elsewhere in many African countries, including their businesses and so I do not think that a retaliatory move by other citizens whose relatives you are murdering with impunity will make you put on a smiling face.

Businesses such as Shoprite, Woolworth, MTN, Gold Fields, e-tv, M-net, Y-Fm, beer brands such as, Castle Lager, Castle Milk Stout to mention just a few are doing quite great in a country such as Ghana, where we would sacrifice our lives to see our fellow Africans gain Independence and live in Freedom and Peace.
In fact the entire continent is very saddened on these persistent xenophobic attacks on fellow Africans and to know that such barbaric acts have been the call of a king who should know better is most disturbing and unforgivable. Its impact on Pan-Africanism is most painful and very destructive.

I must also mention that I`m saddened and surprised at the hesitant behaviour of the South African gov`t and its security agencies towards protecting these foreigners when the ignorant King and the Son of their current President Edward Zumah called for “foreigners” to pack their bags and leave. There is absolutely no excuse on the side of the South African security agencies for their failure to act in protecting innocent lives.

Note that in South Africa the term “foreigner” only refers to Africans from other countries, it is only other Africans who are known as foreigners and not the white invaders, so the ignorant king was directly referring to the by force repatriation of fellow Africans from his country.

With all of these barbaric happenings another sad aspect is also the behaviour of the African Union who has since stayed silent on this matter.
Despite South Africa being a member of the African Union, not a single word has come from the leadership of the African Union in condemning such attacks on fellow Africans. In few days time the African Union Heads of States are going to hold a summit in South Africa and I support all other Africans who are calling for the boycott of this summit to be held in South Africa.

The idea that the planned African Head of States summit to be held in South Africa should be totally boycotted in protest of the xenophobic attacks going on in that country against Africans with the government doing very little to stop the barbaric bloody attacks.

Our African Presidents and Prime Ministers should not attend such an important meeting in a country where their citizens are being lynched, else we will feel most betrayed.

Meanwhile Ghanaians have not heard a word from our Foreign Minister and the Head of State concerning these attacks which reports on our airwaves suggests has led to the death of Ghanaians alike.

Our Ghanaian leadership style towards situations that needs immediate attention and action can be likened to that of the historical tortoise, who only prepares to stick its head out of its haven at the very last moment when the burning bush touches its anus.

The current murders of black Africans in Israel and South Africa cannot be justified, and we must all condemn this in the harshest tone. The so-called king who is behind this call for the “elimination” of foreigners in South Africa be charged with preaching hatred and racism against foreigners and the international laws made to deal with him squarely.

In the mean time we as Ghanaians request our President to safely bring all citizens in South Africa home and with immediate effect cut ties with the South African regime for their support for xenophobia including sacking their ambassadors and shutting down their embassies until they end these well calculated murders of our families in their country.

Our fellow Africans should also boycott South African Businesses and Products, cut ties with their gov`t to show our sincere displeasure against these xenophobic attacks.

I think it`s prudent that the entire African Continent must come together once again to this time around liberate these ignorant south Africans who are perpetrating these xenophobic murders from mental slavery.




  1. The whole world have eye on south Africa
    What a shame n wickedness. Always remember u won’t kill n have a peaceful life.


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