Pokuase Agric. land is “a no go area” for displaced Sodom and Gomorrah residents – CSIR tells Ga West Municipal Assembly


Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Located at Pokuase -Agric. Lands.

Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have renewed their stance that they will reject any plan by government to resettle recent displaced residents of Sodom and Gomorrah on a land which the Institute insists is meant for agricultural research.

Director of the Animal Research Institute of the CSIR Dr. E. K. Adu says the parcel of land which is directly near the Amasaman Sport Stadium is for pasture and livestock research where two breeds of cattle are currently under study and as such the land is “non”-negotiable”, he maintains.


Government has on several occasions made some efforts to build a new settlement for over, 1,000 dwellers of Ghana`s biggest slum of Old Fadama, popularly known as “Sodom and Gomorrah” at Adjen Kotoku.

Gov`t has not been successful on that mission because residents of Adjen Kotoku have secured an injunction against the State for taking over their lands their “private lands” though gov`t has indicated its intention to compulsorily acquire the land to for its intended purpose, even that, has not been successful.


New site formerly intended to host Old Fadama residents 3years ago- It is is still partly ready with all basic amenities, Police station, health facility, Fire Service post, a Senior High school and a market.

In some years past, residents of Pokuase and its environs who ply the Amasaman Stadium road would have observed that the Ga West Municipal Assembly undertook preparation exercises on some 19.6 acres of land which belongs to the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research as the new Yam Market site to resettle the displaced Old Fadama residents.

The current Municipal Chief Executive Hon. Sam Atukwei Quaye has indicated that the new location is a better option for government and he is ready to reserve that land for resettlement purposes.

But the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research which owns the land is kicking against the move. The CSIR says it is undertaking research on the land which will be destroyed if the displaced residents are relocated there.

Dr. Adu said that “A lot of them don’t understand what we are doing” expressing fears that the use of the land for economic activity “will destroy trials”.
He further reiterated that “We don’t need to have people interfere with our work”.

Cows seen grazing.

Cows seen grazing.

The Municipal Chief Executive however maintained that the CSIR does not have the final say over the land.
According to the MCE, there will be a time when government will consider and take a decision on the Pokuase land, stating that “He [Dr. Adu] would not speak the way he is speaking when that time comes” the MCE stated.


Hon. Samia Nkrumah, taking The Bull By The Horn ?

Ms Samia Yaaba Nkrumah currently the National Chairperson of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), an astute 55-years of age former legislator for the Jomoro district 2008-2012 and above all a daughter of the Great Osagyefo Doctor Kwame Nkrumah (Ngoroma) Liberator of Mother Ghana and Mother Africa.

What about her one may ask?
Well, she is an automatic member of the Nzema youth association, per our constitution, and so this news item relating to governance about her drew our attention to some observations which will be first of its kind and most unprecedented should it be confirmed true.
Current news in our media has it that the former Member of Parliament for the Jomoro District has discreetly declared her intention to run as a candidate for the nation`s prestigious position which if successful could earn her Ghana`s First Female President come 2016 should her party`s (Convention People’s Party -CPP) merger with (People’s National Convention (PNC) become a success and should they be crowned to lead the nation.

The to be First lady presidential candidate will not only be breaking unprecedented records being the first female to contest on the seat of a merged CPP and PNC.
She would also be setting unprecedented records as the first Female Presidential candidate to hail from Nzema and also the first person from the Western region of Ghana to ever run for the presidential race after the Liberator of Ghana, the first Ghanaian President the Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who won independence for Ghana.

The good news is that each time we hear the name Nkrumah (Ngoroma) it’s all about successes and liberations upon liberations and the records are clear and we know for certainty that Ms Samia Yaaba Nkrumah will be a great president and with her good intention of inheriting and implementing to her best possibility the good developmental plans from where Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah left off.
Should anyone think to gainsay this, they are free to do so, but of course, it doesn’t for once erase the factuality of it and the freedom is that, you have a right to voice your opinion publicly without fear of intimidating your very self.
For us as citizens of Nzema and the Western Region and patriotic Ghanaians we regard her in high esteem knowing fully her capabilities to lead Ghana into the very wonderful future his father, the Great Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah who led the great revolution not only in Ghana but a revolution which transformed the African world both on the continent and in the Diaspora.

This is a big challenge and so we encourage her to hold the bull by the horn firm. We wish you well dear Hon. Samia Yaaba Nkrumah!
Nyamenle Ɛgyina Ɛnze kpundii (Nzema – meaning May God Be with You firmly)!

-Sultan Nuhu Mohammed


It is high time our representatives in parliament become serious with their mandate in that house of parliament. Seriously if they think they have no other important issues to address despite the mirage of problems faced the country, then I urge them as a citizen to permit me to direct them as to what to do.

Because, instead of this unnecessary time wasting and bullying tactics adopted to silence the ordinary Ghanaian for speaking his observation in an indirectly desperate attempt to call on our security agencies and the houses of law to end their decades of brutality in wasting lives of thousands of our youth through unreasonable prison sentences simply because they are caught smoking wee, a natural herb which grows naturally for the consumption of human beings.

The house of Parliament should be reminded that Ghana remains an indigenous African country, and just like 99% of Africans, we equally believe in the application of God-given herbs for health purposes and wee is not an exception because we all cannot deny that it is a number one energy booster which has also been a favourite and popular ingredient in many of our local herbal tonics.

The invitation of popular Reggae President Blakk Rasta before the house of parliament for speaking his observations on radio does not show the maturity in our members of parliament as a serious body who are elected to drive the developmental welfare of our dear motherland. To me this is an unnecessary mission, it is time wasting and we simply cannot phantom why there are hundreds of issues to deal with yet they choose to waste time and resources whiles all this could be channeled to a good use.

They should go grab some shovels, pickaxes, wheel barrows, rakes, and brooms to enable them carryout an exclusive clean up exercise in the filthy streets of Accra, the very seat of Parliament house and our Presidency. If they have no clue as to how to handle this menace from the house of parliament, all they need to do is to go there with their gear and what to do will speak for itself eventually.

There are a lot of job to be done to prevent further breeding of mosquitoes, flooding, outbreak of cholera and the disadvantages that comes as a result of our carelessness as a nation lead by people who would rather choose to engage in issues of no relevance over issues which needs immediate pragmatic measures for development.

The Odor River for example is chocked with filth, it is supposed to divert the heavy downpour of rains from the capital into the sea, and unfortunately it is chocked with rubbish and sand. Desilting is the key to keeping our drains or gutters in good shape and fully operational to our benefit. This is particularly important if we indeed want to avoid or lessen the risk of flooding and repeat of the June 3rd flooding in this rainy season.

Our chosen Members of Parliament can utilise this precious time they are about to waste by doing something many of us all will see as reasonable and caring for our environment in the gutters of Accra especially inside the Odor River for the good of Ghana as a whole.

For those who might be thinking that desilting gutters and sweeping the very streets we all use is the job of Zoom Lion alone should rethink. Nobody is above keeping hygiene and our Members of Parliament are not above cleaning gutters and sweeping our streets, far from that.

They are there to work for the nation and that is why we feed them with our tax monies therefore we have every right to suggest to them what to do perhaps they assume they have lost their significance in today’s povertic Ghana.

The house of parliament should be mindful that they do not practice tactics of intimidating each and every one who speaks his mind on their lazy conduct and their insensitive attitude towards the less privileged and the unemployed in Ghana.

For the past decades it is evident that all these sufferings of mother Ghana has been the cause of members of Parliament for their inconsiderate attitude of passing reckless and careless laws and fat taxes which in turn compounds the sufferings of the very people they are supposed to serve.

I join the thousands to disagree with how they have interpreted the call of Blakk Rasta for the laws to be in service of us rather than a suppressive law which in turn destroy the future of our future leaders.

They must practice consideration and be more patriotic to the welfare of our dear nation Ghana.

Pokuase outdoors New Chief after a successful Installation

The Pokuase Traditional Council and its Kingmakers exactly a week ago successfully installed a substantive Chief for the Pokuase township.

Mantse1 (4)

A Ram was sacrificed and its blood poured at the feet of the new king. This also forms part of the customary rites for a new king.

The New Chief was confined by his kingmakers to be educated further on all patterns of Chieftaincy customary rites.

King Nii Oto Kwame V, has finally been outdoored to the general public at an extremely colourful and impressive ceremony at his seat of rule, the Pokuase Palace right within the heart of Pokuase.

Newly Installed Chief Nii Oto Kwame V, being escorted  by his kingsmen to the outdooring grounds.

Newly Installed Chief Nii Oto Kwame V, being escorted by his kingsmen to the outdooring grounds.

The event which was witnessed by an impressive crowd took place on Saturday the 20th of June, 2015.

The ceremony was attended by numerous chiefs, including representatives of the Ga Traditional Council, Paramount Chiefs from some traditional areas in the Greater Accra Region, members of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, other Traditional Chiefs, Civil and Public Servants as well as the general public, was historic as it was the first in many years.

The high number of people who came to witness the event meant that the main Pokuase township road which links the old Nsawam road be blocked and diverted to accommodate the high number of people present including over one hundred vehicles.  This brought heavy traffic and a lot of discomfort to residents of nearby communities including Abensu , Afiaman, Mayera, Adusah among others who would have used that road to their various homes.

Mantse1 (3)

Nii Oto Kwame V sitting in state with his Kingmakers and Elders of the Traditional Council.

Admittedly roads within Pokuase and its surrounding communities are nothing to cry home about. Residents have appealed to the Municipal Assembly on numerous occasions about their fast deteriorating roads and the dangers it poses, as well as the poor nature of the road network, yet nothing concrete has been done to curb the fast deteriorating situation.

The new Chief was made to swear ancestral oaths and allegiance to serve his subjects with utmost faith and honesty at all times, irrespective of the stature, class, level and nature of the needs of his subjects.

In his speech he indicated that his major concern is to ensure that there was absolute peace, unity and stability, this he says would attract investors in order to enhance developmental growth within the Pokuase Township. He, however, stressed that unless the people remain disciplined, all efforts to help develop the community, would be unrealized.

Paying Homage to her new Chief

Paying Homage to her new Chief

Mantse Nii Oto Kwame V, 58years of age, is also known in private life as Zachariah Dodoo, an International Entrepreneur who has resided in Japan for the past 30 years, and has been the CEO of Otofio Food Limited, exporter of made in Ghana foodstuff to Japan and other Asian countries.

Some of the Chiefs present expressed concern about the lack of basic infrastructural development within Pokuase as well as the none availability of a Senior High School and a well-structured Market.

Also of concern to them was the bad nature of the roads, poor road network and unavailability of street lights within the community which they indicated had a rippling effect on the socio-economic development of the town.

They therefore appealed to government and other non-governmental bodies to come to the aid of the community to make it a better place for its residents.

Mantse1 (9)

Since this is my page, permit me to also add my voice to the outpouring advices to our new chief that, since he is aware that the Chieftaincy institution is an honourable one, and he is in charge of it today, he should be honest and mindful of his utterances and actions, lest we witness what happened in South Africa where an ignorant king declared war on fellow blacks for their sufferings.

Dear, Mantse, please do well to ensure that the politicians do not use you for a fool with their numerous promises of fixing the town`s problems and yet after they win then they take you for a fool never to render their promises with impunity.

I would be grateful if you listen, that you should be firm and must ensure that concerns of our poor sanitation be addressed and the better way to do that is to fully engage yourself and your kinsmen and kinswomen in the governments championed National Sanitation Day and I know that if you are serious, gradually we will get there !
Good luck our dear king

RamadanMubarak song from our brothers and sisters in the Congo


#RamadanMubarak song from our brothers and sisters in the Congo! Featuring African nasheed artists Hadi Shaban (Gifted) and Saffye.Beautiful mashaa’ Allah 🙂 Share and spread the good. May this be a blessed month for you and your families!#TarbiyaInstitute

Posted by Imam Azeez on Sunday, June 14, 2015


560246_807187186002973_7010754927888974894_n 15879_804390626282629_6039018853663038558_n


In today’s ever increasing sale of public lands reserved for the intended purposes such as recreational grounds under the good leadership of Ghana`s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah all hopes seems to be lost as this negative trend never ceases.

Thankfully, Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana under the auspices of the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly has taken the lead in constructing one of the most ultra-modern recreational site in the entire country.

I can’t hold my joy because at long last a metropolitan assembly has done something positive for the citizens of its jurisdiction.


Once upon a time, Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti region was known as Ghana`s GARDEN CITY. It is the second largest city in Ghana, the seat of the King of the Ashanti Kingdom was blessed with everything green. Nature was a friend to this garden city, Trees of different types, kinds and sizes, grass of different kinds, water bodies, rivers, streams, lagoons etc. made life in Kumasi not just a beautiful city but a naturally priceless city.

Time they say is a “killer”, as it passes us by, several factors including human activities compounded with the lack of good leadership have succeeded in completely erasing the “Garden” from this traditionally historic city.

As at today, Kumasi has almost lost its shine, yet indications shows that not all hope is lost.

The Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) has finally shown concern in its quest to restore Kumasi to its Garden City status under the KMA’s special project known as “Greening Kumasi”.


K.M.A has successfully managed to develop the state reserved land which is exactly opposite the Kumasi Golden Tulip Hotel Known as the Rattray Park into a modern recreational park.

It is undoubtedly one major recreational facility in the metropolis and one of the best in the country for public visit.

Some of the major facilities that one can have access to whiles there include Musical Fountain, Outside Gymnasium, Serene Natural Atmosphere, Cafeteria, Children Playground artificial lake etc.
You are also assured to receive numerous services including access to Wi-Fi, safe parking space, live football matches, jazz night among others.
It is an enviable ultra-modern park to benefit the people of Kumasi and the Ashanti Region as a whole as it begins its journey to pick up its once enviable records.

There are many ways to participate in active and healthy activities, whatever it is you must do to get fit, stay healthy, find peace of mind or learn something new, recreational grounds are the best of places for such acquisition, believe me because I have given it a try and it has worked for me that it has become part and parcel of me when I need to refresh myself.

So next time you are in Kumasi, don’t forget to take the family along to enjoy the full benefit of this important park for the welfare of yourself and family.
I will post in my next blogging an abridged note of the importance one gains from patronizing recreational parks.
For now I say Ayekoo to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) and its development partners for a great job done.

Enjoy viewing the pictures below.


Manager: Kwame Asamoah Mensah

Mobile: 024 5090 093

Assistant Park Manager: Esther Boateng

Mobile: 024 5090 236

Park Supervisor: Masawudu Mahama

Mobile: 026 7643 296