Appreciating A won Gift – tiGO yensor-nkoaa promo

tiGO Yensor Nkoaa Promo

tiGO Yensor Nkoaa Promo

Congrats to myself, I should say first of all.

it`s an ecstatic day at least, the fun of it is that I never saw it coming.
I was phoned by a possibly young  lady whose voice I can only describe as most silky and so soothing to the hearing. her task was to inform me of the best of news I could hear to usher in the Holy month of Ramadan 2015.
She informed me of her name as Araba and she was calling as a customer care agent of tiGO Ghana to inform me of the sweet news that I have won a Generator set on their ongoing promotion dubbed tiGO Yensor Nkoaa.

The reality is that I have been aware of this promotion through some of the social media platforms and on television, and I must add that I have always thought of it as one of the best and smartest promotion or  marketing strategy I have ever come across so far from any of the telecommunication giants in Ghana.

To draw your attention quickly to this promotion, its purpose as they have earlier said was launched in response to customers’ needs of alternative power source to help cope with the power challenges  the nation has been through for almost four years.
The prizes which are on the list as advertised includes Power Generators, Power Banks, Rechargeable Lamps and Power Inverters.

So now you will agree with me when I tell you that these guys are smart, wont you?
For one to come up with such an idea geared to assist its customers to alleviate the burden of this  seemingly unending “dumsor” “dumsor” energy crisis is not only smart but caring.

Despite my awareness of this ongoing promo, never did I envisage of winning anything with them, the reason is, my earlier observation is most of the time such promotions run by our various telecommunication giants demanded that customers subscribe to it first by dialing certain numbers to enable them participate.  I do not show interest simply because I have no idea what their Terms and Conditions are and so I thought it wise to stay in my shell.

I have realised that this particular Yensor Nkoaa promo is not one which demanded customers to subscribe to before participating but rather the more a customer is active in making calls, using the internet and texting, the more the points one accumulates the better the chance of winning and this I believe is what made me a winner of that beautiful generator set.

I admit that I have won it at the best time of the year where I will need it the most. I`m glad that I will power my evenings for the sake of the Fasting period to enable me make the best out of it.

In the general consideration this is a great promotion which has come at exactly the right time because indeed the customers need it at this period more than any other period and it is a true sign of affection from tiGO Ghana to its customers.
I applaud them and will continue to applaud them with my tiny voice anywhere anytime. I say Ayekoo to tiGO Ghana.

Thanks for being with me!!

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