Pokuase outdoors New Chief after a successful Installation

The Pokuase Traditional Council and its Kingmakers exactly a week ago successfully installed a substantive Chief for the Pokuase township.

Mantse1 (4)

A Ram was sacrificed and its blood poured at the feet of the new king. This also forms part of the customary rites for a new king.

The New Chief was confined by his kingmakers to be educated further on all patterns of Chieftaincy customary rites.

King Nii Oto Kwame V, has finally been outdoored to the general public at an extremely colourful and impressive ceremony at his seat of rule, the Pokuase Palace right within the heart of Pokuase.

Newly Installed Chief Nii Oto Kwame V, being escorted  by his kingsmen to the outdooring grounds.

Newly Installed Chief Nii Oto Kwame V, being escorted by his kingsmen to the outdooring grounds.

The event which was witnessed by an impressive crowd took place on Saturday the 20th of June, 2015.

The ceremony was attended by numerous chiefs, including representatives of the Ga Traditional Council, Paramount Chiefs from some traditional areas in the Greater Accra Region, members of the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, other Traditional Chiefs, Civil and Public Servants as well as the general public, was historic as it was the first in many years.

The high number of people who came to witness the event meant that the main Pokuase township road which links the old Nsawam road be blocked and diverted to accommodate the high number of people present including over one hundred vehicles.  This brought heavy traffic and a lot of discomfort to residents of nearby communities including Abensu , Afiaman, Mayera, Adusah among others who would have used that road to their various homes.

Mantse1 (3)

Nii Oto Kwame V sitting in state with his Kingmakers and Elders of the Traditional Council.

Admittedly roads within Pokuase and its surrounding communities are nothing to cry home about. Residents have appealed to the Municipal Assembly on numerous occasions about their fast deteriorating roads and the dangers it poses, as well as the poor nature of the road network, yet nothing concrete has been done to curb the fast deteriorating situation.

The new Chief was made to swear ancestral oaths and allegiance to serve his subjects with utmost faith and honesty at all times, irrespective of the stature, class, level and nature of the needs of his subjects.

In his speech he indicated that his major concern is to ensure that there was absolute peace, unity and stability, this he says would attract investors in order to enhance developmental growth within the Pokuase Township. He, however, stressed that unless the people remain disciplined, all efforts to help develop the community, would be unrealized.

Paying Homage to her new Chief

Paying Homage to her new Chief

Mantse Nii Oto Kwame V, 58years of age, is also known in private life as Zachariah Dodoo, an International Entrepreneur who has resided in Japan for the past 30 years, and has been the CEO of Otofio Food Limited, exporter of made in Ghana foodstuff to Japan and other Asian countries.

Some of the Chiefs present expressed concern about the lack of basic infrastructural development within Pokuase as well as the none availability of a Senior High School and a well-structured Market.

Also of concern to them was the bad nature of the roads, poor road network and unavailability of street lights within the community which they indicated had a rippling effect on the socio-economic development of the town.

They therefore appealed to government and other non-governmental bodies to come to the aid of the community to make it a better place for its residents.

Mantse1 (9)

Since this is my page, permit me to also add my voice to the outpouring advices to our new chief that, since he is aware that the Chieftaincy institution is an honourable one, and he is in charge of it today, he should be honest and mindful of his utterances and actions, lest we witness what happened in South Africa where an ignorant king declared war on fellow blacks for their sufferings.

Dear, Mantse, please do well to ensure that the politicians do not use you for a fool with their numerous promises of fixing the town`s problems and yet after they win then they take you for a fool never to render their promises with impunity.

I would be grateful if you listen, that you should be firm and must ensure that concerns of our poor sanitation be addressed and the better way to do that is to fully engage yourself and your kinsmen and kinswomen in the governments championed National Sanitation Day and I know that if you are serious, gradually we will get there !
Good luck our dear king


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