It is high time our representatives in parliament become serious with their mandate in that house of parliament. Seriously if they think they have no other important issues to address despite the mirage of problems faced the country, then I urge them as a citizen to permit me to direct them as to what to do.

Because, instead of this unnecessary time wasting and bullying tactics adopted to silence the ordinary Ghanaian for speaking his observation in an indirectly desperate attempt to call on our security agencies and the houses of law to end their decades of brutality in wasting lives of thousands of our youth through unreasonable prison sentences simply because they are caught smoking wee, a natural herb which grows naturally for the consumption of human beings.

The house of Parliament should be reminded that Ghana remains an indigenous African country, and just like 99% of Africans, we equally believe in the application of God-given herbs for health purposes and wee is not an exception because we all cannot deny that it is a number one energy booster which has also been a favourite and popular ingredient in many of our local herbal tonics.

The invitation of popular Reggae President Blakk Rasta before the house of parliament for speaking his observations on radio does not show the maturity in our members of parliament as a serious body who are elected to drive the developmental welfare of our dear motherland. To me this is an unnecessary mission, it is time wasting and we simply cannot phantom why there are hundreds of issues to deal with yet they choose to waste time and resources whiles all this could be channeled to a good use.

They should go grab some shovels, pickaxes, wheel barrows, rakes, and brooms to enable them carryout an exclusive clean up exercise in the filthy streets of Accra, the very seat of Parliament house and our Presidency. If they have no clue as to how to handle this menace from the house of parliament, all they need to do is to go there with their gear and what to do will speak for itself eventually.

There are a lot of job to be done to prevent further breeding of mosquitoes, flooding, outbreak of cholera and the disadvantages that comes as a result of our carelessness as a nation lead by people who would rather choose to engage in issues of no relevance over issues which needs immediate pragmatic measures for development.

The Odor River for example is chocked with filth, it is supposed to divert the heavy downpour of rains from the capital into the sea, and unfortunately it is chocked with rubbish and sand. Desilting is the key to keeping our drains or gutters in good shape and fully operational to our benefit. This is particularly important if we indeed want to avoid or lessen the risk of flooding and repeat of the June 3rd flooding in this rainy season.

Our chosen Members of Parliament can utilise this precious time they are about to waste by doing something many of us all will see as reasonable and caring for our environment in the gutters of Accra especially inside the Odor River for the good of Ghana as a whole.

For those who might be thinking that desilting gutters and sweeping the very streets we all use is the job of Zoom Lion alone should rethink. Nobody is above keeping hygiene and our Members of Parliament are not above cleaning gutters and sweeping our streets, far from that.

They are there to work for the nation and that is why we feed them with our tax monies therefore we have every right to suggest to them what to do perhaps they assume they have lost their significance in today’s povertic Ghana.

The house of parliament should be mindful that they do not practice tactics of intimidating each and every one who speaks his mind on their lazy conduct and their insensitive attitude towards the less privileged and the unemployed in Ghana.

For the past decades it is evident that all these sufferings of mother Ghana has been the cause of members of Parliament for their inconsiderate attitude of passing reckless and careless laws and fat taxes which in turn compounds the sufferings of the very people they are supposed to serve.

I join the thousands to disagree with how they have interpreted the call of Blakk Rasta for the laws to be in service of us rather than a suppressive law which in turn destroy the future of our future leaders.

They must practice consideration and be more patriotic to the welfare of our dear nation Ghana.


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