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Ashalaja -Tipper Truck and Driver Drowned in Bridge Collapse

The Ashalaja bridge, leading over the Densu river has collapsed in the.

It collapsed on Tuesday evening July 6. A tipper truck loaded with chippings fell into the river. The Driver of the tipper truck is missing and he is believed to be trapped inside the drowned truck.

Residents are cut off from surrounding towns, unable to go to school and work since the incidence occurred.

The only access  to Ashalaja is by going through a number of adjourning villages before they can get to Accra or Kasoa.

The Director of The Department of Feeder Roads, Mr Nii Klemesu Asbong, had earlier expressed concern regarding the gradual wearing of the bridge, and the fact that drivers were careless with carrying loads which weights were far above the stipulated axle load across the already weak bridge, contributing to its near-collapse in 2014.

He stated that the state of the bridge required that it was totally removed and replaced with a new one estimated at GH₵50,000.

The last time the bridge was rehabilitated, was in January, year 2009.

The bridge itself was jointly constructed in 1997 by the government of Ghana and the Spainish government under the first Ghana-Spain Protocol at a cost of GH₵l.5 million.

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