All is set for the Nationwide District level elections which is to take place on Tuesday, 1st September, 2015.

Officials from the Electoral Commission on Saturday mounted platforms at Pokuase and Afiaman Electoral areas for contesting candidates to address the general public who had gathered to hear their messages.

I was somehow amazed at how these candidates were actively making promises which most of us know is very impossible for their ranks to carry out. Among the numerous promises which many saw as a pure bluff were the promises of constructing roads, providing school structures, construction of public toilettes, building market structures among others.

In Ghana the constitution mandates central government to make financial provisions for the district Assemblies headed by a Municipal or District Chief executive to see to the construction or provision of such social amenities for each community in need of it.

Due to the high financial costs which comes with the provisions of  these infrastructures, it has taken very few philanthropists and other Non Governmental Organisations to play these key roles in providing some of these needed social amenities to poor and needy communities.

With these numerous and endless promises made by these contestants, reactions from many of the electorates showed that they were not enthused either, as they responded by posing questions in a manner which sought to counter their claims as pure bluff knowing very well that an assembly member can not in anyway bear the expenditures of the promises they are preaching.

One will observe that senior politicians such as our members of parliament and presidential candidates have in many occasions deceived the innocent voters with promises they have never fulfilled all in an attempt to fool the electorate in voting them into power.
These same tactics of malice is what our junior politicians are mimicking.  A trend which is most evil and ungodly.

We have a role to play as citizens to help check and put a stop to this trend which is gaining grounds in our political society. It begins today! Arise Ghana!


Police officer Assaults Passenger in a Trotro Vehicle

Shocking how a trained police officer could treat a peaceful citizen this way.

Many Questions to be asked;

Are the police academies doing any good job in the training of our “peace enforcement officers”?
Unfortunately this police officer is more of a belligerent, and an agent provocateur than a peace advocate.Brutalities of such nature is uncalled for and it shows how immature and unprofessional some of these officers are! Where did we hide professionalism in policing, dear Ghana?
Watch how police officer with badge name Annan O. Assaults passenger in a trotro.

This video must be watched by the police authorities and disciplinary action taken be taken to forestall future occurrence.

video source: Citi 97.3 FM




The Ga Rural Bank Limited (GRBL) has extended its chain of branches to Pokuase. It has set record to become the first official rural bank to operate within the Pokuase township.

Residents of the community who otherwise would have to travel to Amasaman or Achimota to have access to banking services have been relieved of that stress with the extension of the Bank’s operations to their doorstep.

Community members who have suffered financial losses to dubious savings and loans operatives whose modus operandi is booting away with peoples financial savings in the past have finally gotten a trustworthy bank to provide the best modern banking needs of the community and other inhabitants of the surrounding communities.

Residents have shown a great deal of appreciation to management of the bank and its facilitators who have remembered the community at heart. It can be located exactly at  Djanman-Pokuase.

Contact them on :

0302 900 120 / 0302 901 014


The successful celebration of  the 2015 Homowo festivities by the people of Amasaman, including the much patronized street carnival was spectacular, a grand durbar was organized today 22nd of August,2015 by his Majesty, Nii Amasa Okreku II where he addressed his citizens and other traditional authorities within his kingdom for the need of peace and unity to foster development in the area.


His Majesty, Nii Amasa Oseku II with the Queen Mother as they Majestically walk to the Durbar Ground.


It is a harvest festival celebrated by the people of the Ga Traditional Area, in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It originated from up1a period of great famine which was eventually followed by a bumper harvest in grain and fish. Thus, the word “Homowo”, literally means “hooting at hunger”.

The main highlight of this month-long festival is the special dish prepared from ground corn, steamed and mixed with palm oil and eaten with palmnut soup.

Prayers for a peaceful and prosperous year are offered. Each Ga kppchief is followed by a retinue with drumming, dancing and singing through his area where he sprinkles some of the special dish called “kpokpoi” and pours libation.

It is merry-making for the Gas, where an entire family, extended family and visitors in particular are invited home to join in the feasting and to deliberate on their welfare and that of their society at large.

Other Chiefs and dignitaries were present in their numbers to grace the occasion, noticeable among them were, Nii Dodoo Nsaki II, President of the Otublohum Divisional Council and Acting President of the Ga Traditional Council, Gbese Mantse, Nii Ayi Bonte among others.


[From Left to right] Hon. Joshua Nii Laryea Afotey-Agbo(Greater Accra Regional Minister), Nii Ayi Bonte II (Gbese Mantse), His Majesty Nii Amasa Oseku II (King of Amasaman)

The special guest for the event was the President of the Republic of Ghana, HE John Dramani Mahama who was represented by the Greater Accra Regional Minister, Hon. Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo wished the people well and encouraged them to continue to live in peace, he was accompanied by Chairman Joseph Ade-Koker, Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the ruling National Democratic Congress.

Enjoy the pictures:


Some Members of the Royal Family.

DSCN0870 DSCN0867 DSCN0864 DSCN0808 DSCN0805 DSCN0874


Nii Ayi Bonte Gbese Mantse in a firm Handshake with the Zongo Chief of Afiama-Abensu, Mayera-Adusah communities, Alhaji Abdulai Awudu.

gb4 gb12







gb5 gb6 gb7 gb8 gb9 gb10

It was a fantastic celebration filled with joyful activities and impressive performances.

Government must honour its pledges to workers and desist from defrauding the working class.

It is indeed sad that our leaders enter into agreements with workers without fulfilling their agreements. This has happened over and over again under almost all the administrations we have had in this country.

Today it is happening to almost all sectors of our economy. Take a look at our teachers, doctors and nurses. Our government has been most ungrateful to its working class, especially the proletariat who are all the very citizens Government has sworn an oath to serve.

Ghanaians should hold Government responsible for the continued decay in the education, energy and health sector, and the economic misery of the nation and the financial citizensIt is a big shame that our doctors have ranted their disgusts through demonstrations and strikes after all sane avenues had been exhausted.

Our nations` students are among the high fee paying students in Africa only to graduate from school to earn meagre and most insignificant salaries.
The proletariat have almost been unrecognized by their pay masters as most choose to pay them with any amount they so wish as government looks on with carelessness. Government employees continue to suffer as persistent cessations in their salaries worsens, while our politicians live in heaven on earth style enjoying with the state resources.

It is a big shame that we are being led by people whose stock-in-trade is lip service. Leadership demands some modicum of integrity. What labour is demanding is not too much, what our doctors are demanding is never too much, it is government which must fulfill its pledges to these doctors as the nations` labour laws has speculated.

Why should Government continue to defraud its employees, and when they rise to speak, its agencies in spreading propaganda would quickly take to the media to do mischief, spreading falsehoods and twisting issues to deceive the general public as their pay masters cheer them on amidst the deteriorating wretchedness of mother Ghana.

Government must wise up not to court the anger of the proletariat. Workers deserve bread on their tables as at when due. It is imperative on Government to find a lasting solution to the demands of our teachers and doctors to end these preventable deaths of our fellow citizens who have been denied of medication in government run hospitals. A discerning leadership would have taken a pragmatic and meaningful step to prevent this manslaughter.

Government must be reminded that they owe a good service to the citizens, and so the abuse of employees right must end and the dignity of Ghanaians be recognized and accorded.
We are all entitled to the national cake as citizens and it should not be that politicians alone are the only people to whose rights must be recognized.

The Dagomba People of Amasaman Installs New Chief

DSCN0697The Dagomba residents of Amasaman have installed a new chief to champion the development agenda of their lives and the community they reside in.

The new chief, Sariki Abubakar Sadique Yakubu was adorned in a simple and impressive traditional regalia, in a possession through the principal streets of the Amasaman township.

This ceremony was done after a successful endorsement by the Dagomba Chief of Greater Accra on Thursday the 13th.

The colourful installation ceremony took place at the palace of the Chief of Amasaman, Nii Amasa Oseku II who in person performed the installation on Friday 14th August 2015 amidst traditional drumming and dancing.


Nii Amasa indicated that the new chief has an arduous task of assisting him in steering the development agenda of the Amasaman community and thus must respect and honour the traditional authority of the land and as well its people.

Sariki Dagomba, Abubakar Sadique took the oath of secrecy and allegiance to the Dagomba people as well as the people of Amasaman and promised to respond to their calls at all times.

In his acceptance address read on his behalf by his secretary, Sariki Dagomba called for unity and harmony among the people to ensure development adding that unity is pivotal in developing the community.

He charged the citizenry to exhibit tolerance towards each other regardless of one’s religion, or tribe.

He also assured the chiefs of Amasaman and the various sub chiefs and its people of his unflinching support and cooperation at all times.

More pictures

DSCN0618 DSCN0598 DSCN0608 DSCN0763 DSCN0681 DSCN0671 DSCN0660 DSCN0645 DSCN0636 DSCN0635 DSCN0631 DSCN0627


People of Pokuase are at a shock as their businesses and homes are destroyed by city authorities who have cited that these structures are on lands that are not permitted for building structures. These exercises of destruction begun in Pokuase yesterday, Tuesday August 11th.

When these “illegal” structures were being built, were city authorities asleep? Why would they sit unconcerned for the people to establish settlements before stepping in to completely destroy their hard earned homes and businesses.

These are some of the thoughts that one may wonder when you witness the destruction of these houses, stores and other businesses by city authorities who without any form of human face prevents these affected people from salvaging their belongings after they flouted the grace periods given them to relocate.
Such actions by city authorities is seen as an action lacking compassion for sufferings in times like this.

I’m unable to take more and vivid pictures because the military and police team on the grounds did not allow images to be taken and they were aggressive on that, even in this era of rule of law, freedom and justice!


A young girl watches the flattened remains of where used to be her home after city authorities demolished it. Her home was considered to be an “illegal” structure. I actually do not know what might be going on in her mind, if not emotional shock!


A lucky store owner who was quick to salvage his container. He is seen struggling with others to move it to another location which in itself is not safe to vehicles and pedestrians on the ACP road.