This write up has been necessitated by what I have come to discover, a sort of historic narrative about our hometown by some group of researchers who cited their references to certain individuals they named from home.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, there appears to be a well calculated attempts by some group of persons who would rather see to it that what belongs to Caesar is offered to Mumuni with all ill mindedness.

This brings us to the question, are the citizens well abreast with the true history of the formation of our current home soil?, I mean our current hometown and not what used to be what is termed today as Sua dɛbazo.

Indeed it is very disturbing the kind of history that some of our current elders and others are passing on to Journalists and researchers which seek to know the history of our current community.

One thing is clear that these people have no excuse such as being ignorant and ill or mis-informed regarding history that they would equate a banana to a mango. But it is so because this heinous agenda of massaging the history is a well calculated and a perfect setup for the subjugation of the historical achievements of one particular honoured individual who ironically is the very particular individual who journeyed with his younger children under a spiritual guidance in pursuit of a serene environment for the worship of his creator and thus ended up establishing the current location which these historians sought for its history.

It is clear that this same individual dedicated his entire life, wealth and the status of his family all in the good interest of the current proud status of the community.

Perhaps the perpetrators of this immoral massages to history might have thought that most of our young generation would be too dumb to seek or verify records of history, especially if it is the opposite of what they have passed on to these researchers. It is funny because they have not been wise on their move, knowing very well that history can never be buried forever.

Now, my firm concern is that history is being intentionally distorted and for whatever reason, only they could answer, knowing fully that these historical discrepancies has the tendencies of breaking the community apart as well as could serve as a dagger for others who have us in no good interest.

There is no denying that even today there are elders in the community who should know the precise history of the formation of the current location of the community thus efforts by some few people trying to hide it for nefarious reasons will meet the strongest force of resistance than they might ever perceive.
To me this is a huge unforgivable well calculated blunder and a shame on people who are encouraged by the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet(PBUH) to be people of truth and people who show appreciation.

I`m by this calling on the current rulers who are also the custodians of the history of our community to come out clear and clean on the history of our hometown by organizing a durbar to set the records straight on the history of the foundation of the town so that everyone would be addressed as he or she ought to be addressed to put the devil to shame. Because no one of us should be made to farm for another fellow to unlawfully reap the fruits that it shall bear.

This is important to clear the doubt that is hanging over their heads that there is a mission to wipe out the true history behind the town by its elders in an attempt to sideline the name of the true custodian of the current town as others allege.

I admit that Ignorance alone is a sad thing, but ignorance being sanctimoniously glorified is disgusting, disturbing and most shameful to us as people, and to stay silent is to succumb to treachery, untruthfulness and unfaithfulness of the highest order.

-Grand Sultan Nuhu Mohammed



  1. Hahahaha they are just fighting a failed battle. They have always done it amidst of their failures. Nevertheless, any good thing that gets to the community, comes through us. This is to show them that they cannot blindfold Allah, He is all Seeing, the Knower, but they will never reflect. I’m so proud of you mdnuhu. May Allah upgrades you for such piece. Be rest assured, that they can NEVER bury the truth. We are going to outshine them at Allah’s own appointed time.


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