The Dagomba People of Amasaman Installs New Chief

DSCN0697The Dagomba residents of Amasaman have installed a new chief to champion the development agenda of their lives and the community they reside in.

The new chief, Sariki Abubakar Sadique Yakubu was adorned in a simple and impressive traditional regalia, in a possession through the principal streets of the Amasaman township.

This ceremony was done after a successful endorsement by the Dagomba Chief of Greater Accra on Thursday the 13th.

The colourful installation ceremony took place at the palace of the Chief of Amasaman, Nii Amasa Oseku II who in person performed the installation on Friday 14th August 2015 amidst traditional drumming and dancing.


Nii Amasa indicated that the new chief has an arduous task of assisting him in steering the development agenda of the Amasaman community and thus must respect and honour the traditional authority of the land and as well its people.

Sariki Dagomba, Abubakar Sadique took the oath of secrecy and allegiance to the Dagomba people as well as the people of Amasaman and promised to respond to their calls at all times.

In his acceptance address read on his behalf by his secretary, Sariki Dagomba called for unity and harmony among the people to ensure development adding that unity is pivotal in developing the community.

He charged the citizenry to exhibit tolerance towards each other regardless of one’s religion, or tribe.

He also assured the chiefs of Amasaman and the various sub chiefs and its people of his unflinching support and cooperation at all times.

More pictures

DSCN0618 DSCN0598 DSCN0608 DSCN0763 DSCN0681 DSCN0671 DSCN0660 DSCN0645 DSCN0636 DSCN0635 DSCN0631 DSCN0627


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