Government must honour its pledges to workers and desist from defrauding the working class.

It is indeed sad that our leaders enter into agreements with workers without fulfilling their agreements. This has happened over and over again under almost all the administrations we have had in this country.

Today it is happening to almost all sectors of our economy. Take a look at our teachers, doctors and nurses. Our government has been most ungrateful to its working class, especially the proletariat who are all the very citizens Government has sworn an oath to serve.

Ghanaians should hold Government responsible for the continued decay in the education, energy and health sector, and the economic misery of the nation and the financial citizensIt is a big shame that our doctors have ranted their disgusts through demonstrations and strikes after all sane avenues had been exhausted.

Our nations` students are among the high fee paying students in Africa only to graduate from school to earn meagre and most insignificant salaries.
The proletariat have almost been unrecognized by their pay masters as most choose to pay them with any amount they so wish as government looks on with carelessness. Government employees continue to suffer as persistent cessations in their salaries worsens, while our politicians live in heaven on earth style enjoying with the state resources.

It is a big shame that we are being led by people whose stock-in-trade is lip service. Leadership demands some modicum of integrity. What labour is demanding is not too much, what our doctors are demanding is never too much, it is government which must fulfill its pledges to these doctors as the nations` labour laws has speculated.

Why should Government continue to defraud its employees, and when they rise to speak, its agencies in spreading propaganda would quickly take to the media to do mischief, spreading falsehoods and twisting issues to deceive the general public as their pay masters cheer them on amidst the deteriorating wretchedness of mother Ghana.

Government must wise up not to court the anger of the proletariat. Workers deserve bread on their tables as at when due. It is imperative on Government to find a lasting solution to the demands of our teachers and doctors to end these preventable deaths of our fellow citizens who have been denied of medication in government run hospitals. A discerning leadership would have taken a pragmatic and meaningful step to prevent this manslaughter.

Government must be reminded that they owe a good service to the citizens, and so the abuse of employees right must end and the dignity of Ghanaians be recognized and accorded.
We are all entitled to the national cake as citizens and it should not be that politicians alone are the only people to whose rights must be recognized.


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