All is set for the Nationwide District level elections which is to take place on Tuesday, 1st September, 2015.

Officials from the Electoral Commission on Saturday mounted platforms at Pokuase and Afiaman Electoral areas for contesting candidates to address the general public who had gathered to hear their messages.

I was somehow amazed at how these candidates were actively making promises which most of us know is very impossible for their ranks to carry out. Among the numerous promises which many saw as a pure bluff were the promises of constructing roads, providing school structures, construction of public toilettes, building market structures among others.

In Ghana the constitution mandates central government to make financial provisions for the district Assemblies headed by a Municipal or District Chief executive to see to the construction or provision of such social amenities for each community in need of it.

Due to the high financial costs which comes with the provisions of  these infrastructures, it has taken very few philanthropists and other Non Governmental Organisations to play these key roles in providing some of these needed social amenities to poor and needy communities.

With these numerous and endless promises made by these contestants, reactions from many of the electorates showed that they were not enthused either, as they responded by posing questions in a manner which sought to counter their claims as pure bluff knowing very well that an assembly member can not in anyway bear the expenditures of the promises they are preaching.

One will observe that senior politicians such as our members of parliament and presidential candidates have in many occasions deceived the innocent voters with promises they have never fulfilled all in an attempt to fool the electorate in voting them into power.
These same tactics of malice is what our junior politicians are mimicking.  A trend which is most evil and ungodly.

We have a role to play as citizens to help check and put a stop to this trend which is gaining grounds in our political society. It begins today! Arise Ghana!


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