Undercover In 'Ghana In The Eyes of God' (2)

Undercover In ‘Ghana In The Eyes of God’

The final outcome of investigations into the deep seated corruption in our  Judicial service is just mind blowing. Unfortunately lousy lawyers who have been puppets of these corrupt judges are all over the media championing propaganda in an effort to derail the substantive issues which necessitated this very investigations. These reckless defenders of evil just like some Ghanaian political propagandists will always deny that themselves and their institutions are corrupt even when caught pants down in this case, in fact some of us tend to defend anything evil done by anyone whom they support for whatever reason without giving it a second thought on moral, religious, and social grounds.

‘Ghana In The Eyes of God’ (3), the title of the Investigations carried out by Ghana’s supreme Investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas speaks a lot more about the society we live in than we know and the manner with which our senior citizens with impunity practice corruption is just overwhelming, suppressing and abusing the poor innocent citizens, denying them of the right to free and fair trials at the least chance available.

“When Cash Determines Life And Death, When Criminals Are Unleashed Onto Society, When The Solution Rather Is The Cause, One Wonders Where To Begin! One Wonders Where To Begin When The Source Of Corruption Itself Is The Court”–Anas Aremeyaw Anas

With total disregard for the very rule of law which has empowered them as Judges and interpreters of the laws of our land, when our custodians of the laws of our land ensure that notorious criminals are rather unleashed onto society and corruption becomes the order of the day then indeed we all wonder where to begin from in tackling issues of notorious corruption in this country and the consequences to befall us and the future generation is unimaginable.

Of course I agree to the notion that “Nobody is Perfect”, we all are aware of that, but you can not keep using that as an excuse to do evil of this nature. Accepting bribe and letting  such hardened criminals of which some have committed first degree murder to go loose at the expense of society.

Some of these criminals are rapists, some cold blood murders, some notorious armed robbers who have decapitated their victims, molested children and raped women during their evil operations and they set loose such people for their own selfish interests then they turn around and tell us they were so appeased to these bribe offers that they could not resist and therefore it wasn’t their fault, how dumb they sound to defend their own evils.

How on earth did such caliber of people become judges, people who practice corruption over and over until they fall victim to their own evils.?

Anyway we are wide awake trusting that the Chief Justice will let justice take its cause without any negative massages to dealing with these nation wreckers.
Sympathies, Peace, Blessings and Mercy of Allah be on all those who have died being victims to injustices in this country in the hands of Ghana`s corrupt Judges. There is no doubt that we have a long way to go as a nation!



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