A nation of Trending issues only?

 A nation of Trending issues only?


Is it not most worrying that a great nation like ours, with highly educated and skilled personnel have become a nation of trending issues only, where our learned citizens engage in vigorous chants on trending issues like it’s the end of the world yet fail to think outside the box after the end of discussion?

Citizens today will struggle to practically “kill” themselves on issues at hand which demands pure reasoning and pragmatic solutions with that of political propaganda, only to impress their pay masters, the political elite.

All this while the real substantive problems are left unattended, whiles it piles up and worsens day in day out.

Neither would they even think of putting into plans how to tackle those issues at hand nor would they permit people to express their genuine concern.

We all are witnesses to how today’s leadership is pushing the nation into the ditch with absolutely no regards for the consideration of the challenged and the unlearned masses.

Most of our Traditional, Political, Religious and other relevant Leaders in our societies, practically all of them, don’t pay any attention to the unlearned masses, nor have they ever genuinely engaged the youth including the disabled people across the country, because we are deemed “hopeless” and “useless” to these leaders.

Truly they don’t really care about the so called people who wield the power to vote them into leadership positions because they are masters in “fooling” these same sidelined people to vote them again or they rig elections or whatever possible.

This is why the future of our nation post election 2016 is bleak as our so called leaders are toughly deaf and dumb to the challenges of the nation, except being overly sensational to trending issues in our media.

I lay not the blame on them alone, but the media and the attitude of my fellow netizens is a factor to our unfortunate situation today, yet there is always a way out from each mess?

Isn`t it?

Of course it is obvious that we must change our attitudes, our intentions. For only a wholehearted and pure intention can lead us to a positive direction of True Freedom and Justice, in an environment of absolute bliss, a Ghana we all dream for ourselves and the generations to come.

But let us remind ourselves on what the Holy Qur`an says to mankind with reference to Quran 13:11

{Verily, ALLAH does not change the condition of people until they change what is within themselves.} Sura ar-Ra`d 13:11.

This is an important verse which indicates that Allah, may He be blessed and exalted, in His perfect justice and wisdom does not change the condition of the people from good to bad or from bad to good, from ease to hardship or from hardship to ease, unless they change their condition (state of mind and practices) themselves first.

May we be guided to the right path to take the most appropriate step towards a vibrant and positive change, a change that indeed only Allah can bless us with.

Let us reflect on the Qur`anic verse which is in line with our conversation also. Hopefully we will be guided aright.

(Quran 13:18)

{There is good reward for those who respond to the call of their Lord. And those who do not respond to their Lord, (a time will come when) they shall offer all they have – even if they have all the riches of the world and the like of it besides to redeem themselves (from the chastisement of Allah) they will be subjected to a severe reckoning and Hell shall be their refuge. What a wretched resting place it is!}

–Grand Sultan Nuhu Mohd.


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