I don’t know if it’s right posting this in here, because actually it is a note I wrote with pen to an angel not so long ago.
It is somewhat similar except that I have doctored it for some reasons. It was a reply to a conversation we both got engaged in.

“Dearest, per our earlier conversation, I believe firmly that there are indeed certain acts that makes LOVE matter to such an extent that would make it attract a very substantial degree of envy from everyone or anyone who has experienced or has not or may never experience it in his or her life time.

Though I may not be the best person to detail or lecture you on what LOVE is or should be, grant me much more patience to express what I had earlier wanted to say before you doubted whether True Love actually existed.

LOVE from what I’ve known it to be,  is a FORCE that completely impacts and suppresses the otherwise free state of the HEART and also both the MENTAL and PHYSICAL POWER of our very selves.
It is a feeling which I can best describe as a kind of coup d’etat by our faculties to completely liberate itself from the human body.

In most instances, I have become most shy even when I know this is the right time to approach you for a snappy chat, I in fact become so tensed up to express my real thoughts of earlier on.
And when I depart from you, guess what, that is where I feel most tense by the thought of you.

Dear, tell me what that is, if that is not the force behind the mystical TRUE LOVE that cannot be expressed immediately as one may want it.
This is why I believe in TRUE LOVE. It builds up inch by inch and by the time it properly matures, nothing can ever stop it.

I have felt it, and I am there, and so I am saying it as I have known it to be. The love I have known cools me down from whichever mood in which I may be, by the thought of you!”

Yours truly
-Grand Sultan Nuhu Mohd.


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